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TelexFREE Customer Support: 1.888-886-5486 Monday Thru Friday 8am to 6pm EST. International folks outside of the USA call 1.704.245.6408

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Telexfree MLM business was launched in Brazil 2012. They have over 1 million customers and distributors. The founder/president of TelexFree is Mr James Merrill. Company is headquartered at 225 Cedar Hill St Suite 200 Marlborough, MA 01752 in a shared leased building.

This is an United States Based Company, with an Advertising Office based in Beautiful Brazil, so you may see some English Errors on the site that they are working on correcting now. Backbone Telecommunications Service Provider, in business for 11 years in USA 12/31/2002,and it changed names from Common Cents Communications to Telexfree on 2/15/2012. Don’t listen to the hype about Telexfree being a Brazilian company. They are NOT. Their market was the Brazilian market and the marketing arm is based in Brazil. Telexfree has made a strategic business decision to target the North American market in terms of the MLM Business. They have customers all over the world including the USA!


This is the TelexFREE Director of Marketing in Brazil talking about compliance, investigation, etc. View this.

TelexFREE USA Corporate Registration Document


TelexFREE Corporate Taxes Paid to Brazil 2012



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  1. wilsonyaptra says:

    can someone kindly teach me how to cancel registration and get the refund?

    because we are not well-informed about he new plan, and end up telling the new member that we only need to paid the VOIP ONLY for SECOND MONTH to get the passive income. and it end up that we need to pay the VOIP for the rest of month.

    Thanks for any guide before.

    • TelexFreeGlobalTeam says:

      Passive income?

      There was never passive income. Passive means you do NOTHING.

      Why would you register and pay if you don’t understand the compensation plan?

      Compensation Plan is laid out on this site. http://telexfreepower.com Click on Compensation Plan
      Send a support ticket and all the best!

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