Compensation Plan

Oh yes. Don’t ignore this.

I thought the $100 bonus for bringing in a guy on the left and a guy on the right was a TEMPORARY 1 month promotion expiring 09April2014.
I thought the $500 1K club bonus for bringing in 2 guys on the left and 2 guys on the right was a PERMANENT part of the Compensation plan.
I was WRONG.

The $100 bonus APPEARS to be the permanent part of the compensation plan (MAYBE)
BUT for sure the $500 1K club bonus is a TEMPORARY PROMOTION set to expire on 09April2014.
Today, Steve Labriola announced that it will be extended til 09May2014 … one more month.

DRAT! We have to re-run our numbers. Not a major biggie but still requires a little tweak.

There seems to be confusion as to how to make $50 a week.
To qualify to earn $50 a week, you need:

  • FIVE customers and NO personal referrals

  • TWO customers and TWO personal referrals who both have TWO customers each

This makes you FAMILY QUALIFIED.
Now go watch the video!

Then contact me, Faith Sloan, if you are trying to get your money out of the OLD PLAN and want to join us in the Top 13 Plan. You must have at least $8800 in your TelexFREE backoffice funds. Or join us in the TelexFREE Global Power 5 Plan team if you have about $3500.










TelexFREE International New Compensation Plan Training and New Products Launch Event 09March2014

Boy what a day! I am exhausted but thought I’d share this with you before I go for dinner and wind down with
a drink … or two.

The compensation plan is simpler than we thought. All of that noise we were making along with speculation, conjecture, suppositions, complexities, and assumptions were all for naught. All I am doing here is showing you the compensation plan as presented by Carlos Wanzeler and Jay the IT guy.

Crowd at TelexFREE Boston New Compensation Plan and Training Event

Crowd at TelexFREE Boston New Compensation Plan and Training Event


1. To qualify to earn $50 a week as an AD FAMILY for position ads, you have 2 options
a. Maintain 5 customers OR
b. Maintain 2 customers AND get 2 promoters

Then you can earn $50 a week. Much Better than it was since it accommodates those who can get customers and those who can get a few customers but can promote as well.

NOTE: It is STILL NOT FINAL … But it is Getting BETTER as Jesus said.

UPDATE 14March2014
From TelexFREE Website in the Frequent Asked Questions Knowledgebase Section. The NEW COMPENSATION PLAN

TelexFree Compensation Plan FAQ’s
- Effective Date March 10, 2014

What is an Associate?
It is the entry level position of a TelexFree Promoter

What is the difference between an Associate and a Promoter?
An Associate is the entry level of a TelexFree Agent,
A Promoter is a higher level and is able to participate in a variety of incentives

What happened to partners form the previous compensation plan?
The Partner will remain as in the old plan and converted to an
Associate on renewal (after paying the renewal invoice)

What is the $19.90 a month charge for?
The monthly fee is to maintain all electronic services associated with
your web site, back office and the commission program needed to be
a TelexFree promoter

What do I need to do to become Promoter?
You must be an Associate and then acquire at least 10 TelexFree99
customers – 1 time

Do I get paid for recruiting another associate or promoter?
No, You are only compensated for the product sales made by the
Associates and promoters that you recruited

How long is an Associate position good for?
An associate position is good forever and does not expire

How long is Promoter contract?
A Promoter contract is good for 1 year

When does the promoter contract start?
On his 10th sale. In other words, it starts the day an Associate makes his 10th sale

When does the promoters “week” start for the ad program?
The week will always start on the first Monday after your promoter contract starts.
In other words, on the Monday after the 10th sale

What is active?
Associates and Promoters are considered Active if they have 1 or more
new or recurring customer sale in a 30 day period

What is Binary qualified?
Promoters are binary qualified when they are Active and have enrolled
1 Promoter on his left and 1 on his right who are in good standing

What is “In Good Standing”?
An Associate or Promoter that pays his $19.90 monthly fees will remain in good standing

What is Ad Family Qualified?
A promoter is Ad Qualified when he has 5 customers sales each month.
It can be 5 or more paid VoIP monthly fee.

What is Ad Family Plus Qualified?
A Promoter is AD Family Plus Qualified when the sum or sales, from his node and direct nodes, are equal to 15 customers (5 need to comes from his own) and has to have 1 Promoter on the left and 1 Promoter on the right, who are both Active and In Good Standing

What do I need to do to participate in the Ad Family plan?
You must be a Promoter that has reached the sales levels required to meet the Ad Family qualification

What happens if I was a promoter before the change?
Legacy promoters will be transitioned to the new plan with specially crafted requirements allowing them the potential to earn even more than the previous plan

Will Telexfree have more products to support the sales requirements?
Yes! TelexFree will be offering a range of new product offerings very soon!

SPECIAL NOTE: If you are an ADFamily PLUS and you only have 1 customer, then you CAN earn in the binary but you can NOT earn AD Posting money of $100 a week. So REMEMBER this … in order to earn AD POSTING money of $100 a week, you MUST be AD QUALIFIED which means you MUST HAVE 5 CUSTOMERS!

NOTE: on 12March2014, the compensation plan was changed again so my video below is not entirely correct. See my post above dated 14March2014 for the Compensation Plan

TelexFREE New Compensation Plan 2014

TelexFREE New Compensation Plan 2014

TelexFREE New Compensation Plan – Faith Sloan Leader from Faith Sloan on Vimeo. TelexFREE New Compensation Plan – Faith Sloan Leader . Contact me +1.800.670.3202 skype:faithsloan email: TelexFREE has changed its compensation plan for 2014. We all need 5 customers to make AD POSTING cash money in TelexFREE. View the video and see us at



Now you can go to for TelexFREE Frequently Asked Questions about the Compensation Plan. Ignore my references to Referral commissions. There are none. The $100 you get is when your referral sells/buys the 10 VOIP product plans.
























NEW COMPENSATION PLAN DETAILS RELEASED 28FEBRUARY2014 by Carlos Costas, Director of Marketing, Brazil


NOTE: The compensation plan will be implemented and effective 09March2014. And Steve Labriola told me 2 weeks ago that the existing contracts (ADCENTRAL and ADCENTRAL FAMILY) will CONTINUE TO BE UNDER THE OLD PLAN UNTIL THEIR 52 WEEKS HAVE EXPIRED!

NOTE: According to the last line that is in fine print on the image below which was taken from the video presentation by Carlos Costas (TelexFREE co-owner and Marketing Director in Brazil), BOTH THE FAMILY and FAMILY PLUS contracts ARE REQUIRED TO MAINTAIN 5 CUSTOMERS EVERY MONTH!! Yes. To earn $50 a week OR $100 a week, you MUST maintain 5 customers.

Every TelexFREE member needs to maintain 5 customers

Every TelexFREE affiliate needs 5 customers PERIOD




Membership: $149.00 a year
Monthly fee: 19.90 usd

By paying the above, You become an associate of the company with the following benefits:

* Receive an affiliate website to sell the products and services of the company and get 10% commissions
* You can build a sales team and receive indirect Commissions from their VOIP product sales.
That’s it!

When an associate sells 10 plans they will then become a promoter (Family).
So first you need to SELL 10 packages at $49.90 each for a total of $499.00. You can buy all 10
and then sell these
to people or you can give them away … it is your choice.

The first 30 days of activating your business by selling/buying the 10 packages for $499.00, you will receive $100 a week.
After the initial 30 days, you (FAMILY) MUST have 5 customers in order to earn $50 a week for posting ads.

How to qualify:

Within the first 30 days, you need to bring in a promoter (family) on the left side and another on the right side and then you become a FAMILY PLUS. Now you will earn $100 a week from month 2 onwards. AND you will need to have 5 or more active clients/customers also. And of course post 5 ads every day.
To repeat … Qualification: 5 active clients and 2 personally referred promoters (left and right)

If you do NOT bring in 2 personally referred promoters within 30 days, you will remain a Family and earn $50 weekly from posting FIVE ads DAILY.  FAMILY HAS TO HAVE 5 PAID CUSTOMERS/CLIENTS IN ORDER TO EARN the $50 a week for posting ads!


2 promoters (family or family plus) (left and right)
Direct Bonus: 100 * 2 = 200 + extra bonus of $100.

4 promoters (family or family plus) (2 left and 2 right)
Direct Bonus 100 * 4 = 400 + extra bonus of $200 per 2 on the left and 2 on the right = $400 + 1K club bonus $500 + BINARY 80.00
NOTE: You will receive a $500 bonus for bringing in 4 promoters in your first 30 days.
You will then be a member of the 1K CLUB.

Network Earnings

Activation of levels:

Network earnings

binary left right match = 80.00 usd

VOIP product sales Residual earnings

direct sales: 10%
level 1: 1%
level 2: 1%
level 3: 1%
level 4: 1%
level 5: 1.5%

Referring third and fourth promoter within the first 30 days will activate the 6th and 7th level of residual earnings on VOIP sales.

level 6: 1.5%
level 7: 1.5%


2% of the NET INCOME of the company split with the team builder, max. $39.600 per month paid to each team builder

qualification: 5 qualified promoters personally referred by you. NOTE: The promoters MUST be QUALIFIED TOO! They MUST BE FAMILY PLUS!
This means that these 5 promoters must have brought in a personal on the left, a personal on the right, plus 5 CUSTOMERS.

Residual earnings from your network

$2 a week for each family.



Are YOU READY To Join The TelexFree Global Team…


Contact the Person Who Sent you Here or Call me at 1-800 670 3202, skype: faithsloan, email: telexfreeglobalteam @ gmail dot com To JOIN TELEXFREE

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  1. Daniel Higgins says:

    Hi Faith
    I would like to be a passive investor with you. How much would I need to invest to make a nice monthly sum.
    Given that I am thinking of retiring within a year am looking for something that would boost the pension.
    Your expertise and thoughts would be appreciated.
    Kind wishes

    • TelexFreeGlobalTeam says:

      Hi Daniel.

      This is NOT an investment deal nor a passive deal.

      You WORK for Pay here.

      But… it is easy.
      The network marketers and builders such as myself plays an active role because we see the money in the compensation plan and the products.
      We want the cash in the binary, the unilevel, the profit pool and in placing ads daily.

      You can come aboard and just place your ads daily and still can make up to $100 a week by doing that small task.

      Faith Sloan
      Team Leader and TelexFree TeamBuilder Rank
      +1 800 670 3202
      skype: faithsloan

  2. TelexFreeGlobalTeam says:

    oh shucks! Daniel you already signed up with 3 $1375 = $50 AdCentral Family kits.


    Welcome to the team!

    p.s the bare minimum you will receive just for placing ads is $300 a week for 52 weeks = $15,600. In 14.25 weeks, you will have your $4275.00 back in your hands! The rest is gravy for doing the marketing. But if you sell 5 products a week at $50 each, you will get $44.90 commission per sale which is $673.50 per week instead of $300 a week. Which gives you $9597.35 in 14.5 weeks!! The choice is yours.

    Faith Sloan
    Team Leader and TelexFree TeamBuilder Rank
    +1 800 670 3202
    skype: faithsloan

  3. jbyaruhanga says:

    How are you at Telexfree?

    I want to be a team builder using my own money individual how much money to i need for that account?

    Do i qualify to be a team builder using the above approach.

    Can i join telexfree without passing through a promoter or with a person who is active member.

    Can you send me your bank details.

    Thanks a lot.
    Byaruhanga Johnson

  4. jbyaruhanga says:

    Hi, Faith How are you and the Business.

    Can i become i team builder using my own money with one personal account?
    How much money do i need to start with for such account?

    Can i join telexfree direct without passing through another person?

    If the above is okay can you send your banks details?

    Do you accept payment using telegraphic money transfer?
    Thanks for your time.
    Kind regards,

    • TelexFreeGlobalTeam says:

      1. Wonderful!
      2. yes
      3. see Compensation Plan page
      4. No. It is network marketing. ALL MLM and networking marketing programs/businesses and affiliate programs REQUIRE that someone introduce you to the deal
      5. No i am not sending my bank details. Sign up at; validate your email; pay your invoice by setting up your ewallet and following the instructions

      BUT … FIRST VIEW the COMPENSATION PLAN … STUDY IT. It has changed on the 9th of March 2014

      Best to you.
      Faith Sloahn

  5. jbyaruhanga says:

    Hi, Faith Sloan.

    Great to here from your office.

    Am waiting for some funds to fund my account within two weeks from now, can i validate my e-mail without making a payment.
    I wish to hear from you first before doing anything.

    Am looking forward to hear from you soon.
    Thanks a lot.

  6. pitabella says:

    Hi Faith,

    We appreciate the great support you are giving. I need more details on 1 K Club requirements and meaning of getting 5 customers for family plus and others. I will be glag for aquick reply. Peter

  7. jbyaruhanga says:

    Hi, Faith.
    Thanks for your time.
    Am planning to invest 5400 USD first month all accounts opening same date.
    Can you calculate for me the compensation on monthly basis.
    Thank a lot and nice to hear from you once again.
    Help me with your Business phone contact if you don’t mind.
    Kind regards,

  8. keng says:

    Hi faith, I would like to ask you related to the team builder bonus since I have been qualified on 28 02 2014. Until now i haven’t received that 2% yet,so as an experience,

    Would you mind tell me when I should receive that bonus?

    Another question is that, after qualified as a team builder, do I need to maintain the 5 client as well as the 10 of my direct does?

    Thanks in advance

  9. keng says:

    Hi faith, I would like to ask you related to the team builder bonus since I have been qualified on 28 01 2014. Until now i haven’t received that 2% yet,so as an experience,

    Would you mind tell me when I should receive that bonus?

    Another question is that, after qualified as a team builder, do I need to maintain the 5 client as well as the 10 of my direct does?

    Thanks in advance

  10. keng says:

    I am sorry, My date of qualified is 28/01/2014

  11. jbyaruhanga says:

    Hi, Faith Sloan.

    Thanks for the job well done.

    In some countries like Rwanda they banned all the Telex free activities now what will happen to the subscriber from Rwanda?

    Can they make any withdraw?
    Can they open your web page and post adverts?
    How can you help?
    Thanks for your time and reply.

    Kind regards,

  12. trimurthy9 says:

    Hi faithsloan,

    The telexfree new compensation plan for the net workers like us
    is amazing.But we are unable to involve fully in the programme
    due to our indian legalities.We herd that Security Exchange Cimmission USA approved the Telex free new compensation plan.
    is it useful to us? If yer kindly send documental avidences if any.
    2.Getting customers every month 5(five) is a difficult thing.
    apart from the serving the team members. Company not even released complete range of products.Hence we request you pl recomend the company instead of 5(five) Pl.make it 2 or 3.
    will be more comfortable.
    thank you
    trimurthy, Andhra pradesh India.

    • TelexFreeGlobalTeam says:

      USA SEC does NOT approve compensation plans.

      If getting 5 customers is difficulty, then network marketing isn’t for you.
      You have to MAINTAIN 5 customers a month. You don’t have to get 5 NEW customers every month.

  13. gwching says:

    Hi Faith Sloan,

    I’m Chris from Malaysia.

    Just a piece of question: I just did a withdrawal process of USD 1,300 from Telexfree website on 1st April 2014, and until today I haven’t received any fund to my e-wallet account. It is supposed that the fund will be transfer AFTER 10 days processing time, am I right?

    Please help me. Thank you.

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