TelexFREE Customer Support: 1.888-886-5486 Monday Thru Friday 8am to 6pm EST. International folks outside of the USA call 704 245 6408


April 17, 2014 The Massachusetts SEC division is somehow in love with me. No comment.

April 17, 2014 iPayout Global eWallet Closes TelexFREE Merchant Account

eWallet website has been disabled for your merchant’s program.
This could be due to one of the following reasons:

Merchant closed the program
Merchant did not pay outstanding fees
Merchant could not fund transactions
Merchant terminated eWallet services
Merchant violated Anti-Money Laundering policies

Please contact your back office for further instructions.
Phone: 888-886-5486

April 16, 2014 Empire and Telexfree Global Power Team Updates

Good morning everyone.

As you all know we have always given you the straight information about TelexFREE and what the company is doing and we will continue to do that. Many of you know that over the past 6 months, I have been publicly vocal when the TelexFREE Executive Management team continued to fail on delivering new systems, new products, etc.

In any case Here is a synopsis of what we know and don’t know.

Please understand that for now you will not be able to access the back office. You will not be able to post ads. You will not be able make withdrawals or access any of your information until the company is allowed to conduct operations again. There is no way to know when that may be. For now TelexFREE is shut down and will not be able to start operations again until these allegations have been addressed. No one knows how long this process may take.

TelexFREE faces some very serious legal challenges. I assume you have all read the various articles and postings online. Here is a summary of what we know:

BANKRUPTCY FILING: TelexFREE filed for a chapter 11 bankruptcy in Nevada. This type of bankruptcy allows a company to restructure their debt, reorganize and then start operations again. There is a hearing scheduled for April 17th in Nevada.

The reason it is filed in Nevada is because that is the state where TelexFREE LLC is actually registered. Many companies use Nevada to actually set up the company because there is no state income tax there and they are quite business friendly.


Of even greater importance now is a complaint filed by the State of Massachusetts’ SEC Division. The complaint alleges the company engaged in the fraudulent offer or sale of unregistered securities in the State of Massachusetts. This is a very serious charge and the document filed states that the SEC Division is issuing a “cease and desist order”. This means the company will have to provide the SEC with all of the documents they request. This could take quite some time. Here is a link to the SEC filing.

If the SEC determines they are guilty, there would be a long process through the court system.

We all hope TelexFREE will be able to meet these challenges and resume operations. But there is no way to know what the future holds. We will continue to provide information and we will notify you of any conference calls.

April 16, 2014 USA Homeland Security raids TelexFREE’s Massachusett office. None of the Telexfree employees or Management team were in the office at the time.

April 15, 2014 Court Rejected TelexFREE Bankruptcy Filing!

(*) TelexFREE bankruptcy has to be REFILED. 13 Declarations were missing. They have a deadline to provide the missing declarations.

Thirteen required declarations were absent from the initial filing:

- Summary of schedules
- Real property
- Personal property
- Creditors holding secured claims
- Creditors holding unsecured priority claims
- Creditors holding unsecured nonpriority claims
- Executory contracts and unexpired leases
- Codebtors
- Declaration concerning debtor’s schedule
- Statement of financial affiars (guess why they didn’t include this lol!)
- Statement of compensation
- Tax identification number
- Declaration under penalty of perjury (guess why they didn’t file this either!)

TelexFree has 14 days to file the above (April 28th).

Stay tuned.
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth Securities Division files complaint.

Secretary of State William F. Galvin on Tuesday, April 15, 2014 charged a Marlborough, Massachusetts company, TelexFREE, of online phone service with running a billion-dollar pyramid scheme.

The complaint specifies that TelexFREE Inc. has offered fraudulent and unregistered securities in Massachusetts by running a multi-level marketing scheme, Galvin’s office alleged in its complaint, a copy of which was reviewed by the Globe, attracting as much as $90 million in the Massachusetts alone.


A special Webinar is being today for Leaders and Team Builders of TelexFREE hosted by Steve Labriola. Since the recent filing of Chapter 11 bankruptcy, by TelexFREE on April 13th, it is important for you to stay informed, so that you can accurately and factually provide pertinent information to your Team. Out of respect to you all, we invite you to be a part of this call, as this is your business and your future.

5:00PM EST (We suggest you arrive to the Webinar 5-7 minutes before and await the start)


Toll: +1 (646) 307-1705
Access Code: 557-743-574

MORE Breaking News! 14April2014

Here is some updated information from what we have been able to learn:

TelexFREE has filed for the chapter 11 bankruptcy to give them time to re-organize. What this means is that they are going to fix the computer system, fix all of the downline errors that have been plaguing us and get the whole computer system installed on the new server platform. How long that will take we do not know. Management is confident that they will be able to do this fairly quickly. Steve Labriola will give us daily updates on what is going on. We will make sure to let you know when these calls occur and we will record them for you.

Here is the other information we know.
1) you will not be able to post ads or enroll people during this transition.
2) The customer accounts are still active and people will be able to renew their customer accounts.
3) They will have the system back up with the new computer system as fast as possible.
4) All withdrawal requests will be put on hold until the court can OK them.
We will have more information tomorrow.


TelexFREE Files for Bankruptcy? Affiliates are Sad Today… TelexFREE International CEO, Stuart Macmillan announces Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

TelexFREE International New CEO, Stuart A. MacMillan Announces BankRuptcy – Chapter 11 14April2014

Telexfree Meeting today – Company Conference Call:
Monday, April 14, 2014 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

from CEO Sturart MacMillan …

Important Information for TelexFREE Promoters and Customers
I was recently appointed the Interim CEO of TelexFREE by Jim Merrill and Carlos Wanzeler to lead TelexFREE through its next phase of development. To achieve our goal of strengthening TelexFREE, addressing our liabilities, and building a financially sound foundation with long-term prospects, today we have filed a petition for relief under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Nevada.

For those of you not familiar with U.S. Chapter 11 laws, Chapter 11 is a legal process that can help the company reorganize and restructure its debts while continuing to manage and operate its business on a day-to-day basis. Chapter 11 gives TelexFREE and our management team the opportunity to strengthen our financial structure and overall operations,. We are taking this major step, because we continue to firmly believe in our business, our product and the enthusiasm of our global independent sales associates despite the challenges facing us. In the meantime, we expect our business will continue to operate, and we will strive to support our sales associates and customers with new products and improved services, including VoIP services that we are expanding to reach over 70 countries.

We expect that this will be a seamless transition for our customers around the world.

Even though we need to make some difficult decisions about the structure of our compensation plans, the product and the value we offer our customers—not to mention the outstanding entrepreneurial opportunities we provide our dedicated teams of Independent Sales Associates—it means that we believe this company continues to have a bright future.
How does Chapter 11 help us do all that? It gives TelexFREE an opportunity to address our claims and get our feet firmly planted with a solid organizational and financial foundation

We are committed to providing our customers the finest communications products and services available anywhere in the world and our Promoters the opportunity to achieve a profitable future.

To that end, as a company we know we can do even better! We intend to use the Chapter 11 process to put the systems and controls in place to provide you the support you need to build your sales business. Once we have implemented our anticipated restructuring, we intend for you to be better informed, better supported, and to have a better knowledge of the TelexFREE strategy as we move forward together. During this Chapter 11 process, we anticipate regularly communicating with you about TelexFREE and our organizational efforts,

During this time of transition, we have professionals to support you in responding to the media. If you are approached by anyone for quotes or answers, direct them to They will have their inquiry answered within 24 hours.
I am confident that with the loyalty of our customers and Independent Sales Associates, we are becoming stronger than ever!

Stuart A. MacMillan
Interim Chief Executive Officer


Simplified version of the Bankruptcy Chapter 11 Filing Process


1. Disclosure Statement

The first step in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy is the drafting and approval of a disclosure statement. The disclosure statement is a document that describes how the debtor will reorganize and pay off its debts. The disclosure statement must give sufficient information for the creditors to determine whether reorganization is possible. The court must approve the disclosure statement before the next step in the Chapter 11 process.

2. Confirmation

The next step is confirmation. The debtor will propose a plan of reorganization to the creditors. The creditors then vote on the plan. In order for a plan to be confirmed, the judge must approve it and every impaired class of creditors must approve the plan. An impaired class is a class of creditors that will receive less than what they are owed (usually most creditors are impaired). There is an exception to this rule which permits confirmation under a process called “cramdown.”

3. Post-Confirmation

After plan confirmation, the terms of the plan are carried out. Usually plans provide for the appointment of a plan agent, a third-party that executes the plan. For example, the plan may provide for payments of $50,000 a month to creditors. The plan agent would deal with the logistics in making the payments. The plan may also provide for how the individual or business will operate to provide money to creditors for the duration of the plan period, as the plan may endure for several years.


The confirmed plan of reorganization will provide for when the debtor receives a discharge of debts. The discharge will usually occur upon substantial consummation of the plan, such as the majority of payments to creditors are made.

04April2014 You Will Have To Be ADFAMILY PLUS QUALIFIED To Withdraw or Transfer!

It appears that those of us with the old contracts will NOT be receiving any concessions from TelexFREE. We were hoping they would hear our pleas and allow us to withdraw the money we earned according to the fulfillment of the agreed upon contract. I still contend that there is no regulation that states that a company reserves the right to take back the money that was paid to us under any circumstances. But I digress… Let me continue…

From Roy Lentz according to his conversation with Steve Labriola this morning with edits by me, Faith Sloan.

I just received an update from Steve Labriola. So like it says in our back office, we are all required now to meet the new requirements for an Ad Family Plus.

If you had an existing contract in the old system as an Adcentral Family, then you are automatically considered an Ad Family under the new system. But to be qualified as an Ad Family Plus, you need to have 5 customers, and you need to have sponsored one person on your left and one person on your right AND both of those referrals MUST have 5 customers.

The two positions under you can be old Adcentral Family positions. That’s OK. If you already have that, then you just need to make sure those 2 referrals have 5 customers in each of those positions. Then you will qualify as an Adcentral Family Plus

Remember that all New accounts created have to get 10 customers, that’s a one-time requirement. Then the following month, you have to sponsor 2 people, one left and one right and those two positions have to have at least 5 customers. Then you will qualify as an Adcentral Family Plus

For new positions, you have 30 days to meet this requirement.

Last week some people who even met the new requirements still could not withdraw. That was a ‘System Error’ and Corporate says it will fixed. We should be able to withdraw funds from an account at least until we have our original purchase cost back.

After you recover your original purchase cost of $339 or $1425, you will continue to earn, but you can only use the earnings (credits) to pay invoices, until you get qualified as an Adcentral Family Plus
Okay guys. What the Company has Ordered is what shall be!
So what do you do about it?

I am on the Top 13 Plan team. You have to be prepared to purchase 13 positions and pay approximately $9000.

I also have a leg where those of you who are trying to get your money out of TelexFREE can escape from the OLD PLAN and get into the NEW. Just be able to pay for 3 or 5 new positions from your money in your backoffice.

Contact me privately for more details.
Where there is a will… there is a way …

Vocally Yours…
Faith Sloan
+1 800 670 3202
skype: faithsloan
telexfreeglobalteam @ (p.s. don’t email me about any deals. I don’t join deals from emails and especially NOT from people I have not developed a relationship with, I know you understand. I have my portfolio already. Thank you.)

02April2014 Ever Since the Beginning of Time, Change is Inevitable…

Ol Faithey checking in again.
I have never been one who shy away from change. It is inevitable and a part of life.
Without change, there is no evolution nor revolution.
Now with that said …
The MLM portion where we earn in the binary and the customers requirements we did NOT have for networkers was out of COMPLIANCE and was FIXED with the implementation of the NEW COMPENSATION PLAN.

So that was done and folks began to accept it or move on.

Telexfree Ad Posting component was NEVER ILLEGAL contrary to what folks on the outside looking in believe. And thus it was NOT out of compliance. That’s what I will say on that matter.

Not paying the member’s their rightfully earned cash that is sitting in their ewallets is ILLEGAL.

GOOD NEWS from my upline: Corporate has the IT guys working on ensuring everyone who had money in their backoffice can indeed transfer it and/or withdraw it. That is the RIGHT Thing to do.

If Corporate wants to modify the terms of the old contract, we can only hope that they do so in a professional and ethical manner while giving us ample notice to make a GO or NO GO decision in a TIMELY manner.

Vocally yours…
Faith Sloan

01April20014 Is it an April Fools’ joke or is it REAL??

Why can’t I withdraw from my TelexFREE backoffice?
Why can’t I transfer from my TelexFREE backoffice?
What is this crap about not being qualified to transfer?
Why did they do this to us in the middle of the night while we slept?
I am under the old TelexFREE 52 week contract. What happened? I thought we were told nothing would change for the old contracts?
Why didn’t Telexfree do the RIGHT and PROFESSIONAL and ETHICAL thing as a business and inform us in advance?
What is going on?

Well here is the deal ladies and gentlemen.
If you made less than the cost of your $339 or $1425 contract, then you can withdraw or transfer all you want.
If you have made more than the $339 or $1425, then the handcuffs have been put on your writst.
You are NOT able to withdraw your cash on Tuesday or transfer any cash to another account on any day.
Huh? What do I need to do to withdraw the money that I earned in TelexFREE that is rightfully MINE under the old contract?

I thought you would never ask…
You need to get AdFamily Plus Qualified! What does that mean in English, please, Faith?
Well You need to get 5 customers AND get 1 Adcentral Family Plus on the Left and 1 Adcentral Family Plus on the right.

Wait a minute, Faith. You didn’t say that I need to get 1 ADCentral Family on both the left and right.
You said I need to get 1 ADCentral Family PLUS on both the left and right.


This means you need 5 customers, 1 guy on the left who has 5 customers and 2 promoters and 1 guy on the right who has 5 customers and 2 promoters.



Now …
“From Carlos Costa in Brazil
*** The changes were suposed to affect only new accounts but due to system ERROR it affected all accounts! Carlos Costa will pronunce here this evening, so america guys will indeed soon! Be patient and lets sit back and wait! Stop talking crap and lets wait. Big changes will result in better service!”

UPDATE AGAIN for 01April2014. Put the Champagne Glasses DOWN!

Everyone that did not withdraw the $1475 will be able to do so, but those ones who withdraw more of the amount they paid in, will only be able to transfer if comply with the rules!

The worldwide launch of the new TelexFREE compensation plan is governed by a number of regulatory requirements. One of these requirements is that all Promoters receiving commissions must have personally enrolled retail customers. To satisfy this requirement, certain Promoters must be ADFamily Plus Qualified with a minimum of 5 personal customers and have recruited and trained at least 2 ADFamily Qualified Promoters, one on each side of their organization.

Can we say that this has been a whirlwind day? YEAHHH BABY!

There is no law in the USA that says that if you earn money for performing a task, and the money was given to you in your backoffice, that the company can take it back from you if you do not comply with NEW rules. This change on transfer and withdrawal has nothing to do with compliance. It has everything to do with MONEY. There! I said it and I approve this message.

If Jack came into the deal 5 months ago under the old contract because the contract was simply that if he posts ads 7 days a week and fail to sell the product, he can sell it back to TelexFREE for $20 each. That was the contract. So Jack, got $100 the 7 weeks ago. But you cannot withdraw unless you have at least $300. So Jack posts his ads for another 7 days and didn’t sell anything. So he sold his stock back to the company for $100. Now he has $200. He posts his ads for the next week and sells his stock back to TelexFREE. Now he has $300. But he didn’t want to withdraw his money. He earned it but he wants to let it sit there until the end of month 7. So Jack posts his ads faithfully according to contract and sold back his product to the company for approx $700. Now he is ready to pay off one of his credit cards. He is ecstatic that he is 1 step closer to being debt free. In TelexFREE, you can only withdraw on Tuesday. So Jack is ecstatic! WOO HOO! It is pay day! He clicks the withdraw button. He gets some message saying he is not eligible to withdraw the wonderfuly money in his backoffice. Jack scratches his head and says “Hmmm… I post my ads faithfulfully. Let me go read the contract again. Okay. I sold back my stock to the company and they paid me for it. Okay. We both met the terms of the contract. So why can’t I get paid?”

Well, Jack. It appears that while you slept last night, your contract was changed in the middle of the night. You already withdrew more than $1425. You ain’t getting no more cash, dude! Get to work you lazy bugger. We changed the contract! Go get 5 customers of the VOIP international long distance calling plan. AND go get Fric and Frac to come on board with you and tell them to get 5 customers and 2 guys too. That, my friend is how you will get paid from here on out.

Sorry. Your dream of paying off your credit card debt and becoming closer to being debt free has been torn apart! And this ain’t April Fool’s!

So answer me this one TelexFREE…

If I come in as an ADcentral Family and have my 5 customers and NO promoters, I can get $50 a week or approx $200 a month on the new contract.

So why do I have to become ADCentral Family PLUS qualified and have 5 customers, 2 promoters who have 5 customers in order to get paid on the old contract?

Sounds like the folks with the old contracts are being penalized for building the company as a large global entity.

17March2014 Updates from my Top Dogs on the Empire Team … Thanks Roy Lentz

Hi Everyone;

Firstly, we are all working as quickly and as proficiently as possible to get you the information you need to continue to manage your personal TelexFREE business and get accurate and reliable information out to your teams.

We will have updates this week on our Tuesday & Thursday Webinars at 1:00PM EST about the new compensation plan and the national and international direction of the company. The company is doing all it can to move through development glitches and solutions are coming. They have doubled the size of their IT Team and their Support Team in four months and it is challenging to meet the existing demands of the global growth. The company is preparing for massive international expansion and has secured an infrastructure to do so.

Proper and reliable education is available on these Webinars, and we encourage you to get registered:

Registration URL:

In the mean time, here are several key points to remember and to share with your teams:


We need to clarify something. So, pay attention, please. For those of you who already have contracts under the old comp plan “Telex1.0″, under the new comp plan “Telex2.0″, (which took affect on March 9th, 2014), we will no longer receive stock each week for placing our daily ads and we no longer have to go in and click on “repurchase” and sell that stock back to be rewarded the stock, which has the equivalence of $20.00 per stock item. This is great news!

Instead, we will just simply get paid a weekly commission of $100.00 for a Family AdCentral, and $20.00 for an AdCentral for successfully posting daily verified ads. That commission will just be paid to us in our Back Office. You will see it in your Statement History. Unfortunately TelexFREE is still programming the computer software to do this, for all of our respective contracts – worldwide. We will have to just wait for those amounts to be populated in our Statement History and ultimately paid to us. Please do not email us about this, there is nothing we can do. Just make sure you keep placing your ads every day. And keep a personal accounting of your postings. Be responsible for your business. That is the main change for our existing accounts. No stock issued, no repurchases. But if you continue to place your ads you will continue to get paid as you did before.


The other big change for existing accounts is that when you have a retail sale of product, you will only get a 10% commission. No more 90% commission. We all know this was going to be changed soon and now it has. There will be a 10% commission paid on any product purchases. But we also will now get paid on the product unilevel. You may remember, this part of the program has been not working, but now it is. There is tremendous opportunity in the unilevel part of the compensation plan for those of you who have multiple contracts in your network. You’ll see it on the Company Compensation Plan. You now have access to $142,000.00 to $285,000.00 of monthly residual income. Watch for more information on this.


There are several new areas of the website. Look for them. This is your business! Educate your Teams! There is a new knowledge base area that includes a “Live Chat” option and new FAQ’s. You can get there from the main TelexFREE page by clicking on “Associate” and then “FAQ” or click on “Contact Us” at the bottom of the page and then “Click Here For International Support Options.”

Here is the direct link to that page

A lot of people are having good success using the Live Chat option. But please remember to only use Live Chat for issues with your Back Office. It is for Administration and Business Management needs only. They are not there to answer questions about the new comp plan or why you did not get stock this week, etc. Do use them, for example, if your account has become locked and you need a new password. They are there for support.


With the changes made in the comp plan, they are having to reprogram and recreate a lot of the invoices for renewals. We do not have a clear answer as to when that will all get done. We also know the computer deleted a lot of the old invoices in the system, even ones that had been paid. So, if your old invoice disappeared just know you are not alone. We don’t know if those will be reinstated or not. Bets thing to do, is contact your Sponsor and your Upline, and get your renewal invoice generated. For those of you who have a network, you will want to make sure you renew your invoices ASAP. What TelexFREE is doing for the future of international growth, you will want to maintain your positioning in the network by taking advantage of the renewal.


If you have not done so, we urge you to go look at the new terms and conditions. Go to the website and click on “Associate” to see the new enrollment page. Then click on the “Terms and Conditions” button. There’s a lot of good stuff in there, you’ll want to know about! A lot!


One of the most exciting things happening at TelexFREE is the announcement of their new CEO, Stuart A. MacMillan. As indicated on his LinkedIn profile, Mr. MacMillan is a Senior Executive with over 25 years of management experience, the last 15 of which have been in the Direct Selling Industry. After a successful career in the telecommunications industry with companies such as Cantel (now Rogers Wireless), ACC TelEnterprises and Teleglobe, Mr. MacMillan turned his sights to network marketing with a company based in Dallas, Texas called Excel Communications. Mr. MacMillan was responsible for its explosive international growth as the first President of Excel Communications in Canada. He also led Arbonne in its foray into International as the first Managing Director of Arbonne Canada, where the company set business records with unparalleled results. Mr. MacMillan has worked in the Direct Selling industry in both the United States and Canada and has spoken at events around the world including Europe, the Caribbean and South America. He has experience in representing firms externally to the media and investors and seasoned Boards of Directors. Mr. MacMillan has extensive Public Speaking experience both in North America and abroad.


You will see a lot of changes to the website and the programming over the next few weeks. Please be patient as these changes get implemented. Keep posting your ads and watch for more updates. And make sure to attend as many of the trainings and overviews as you can over the next week. Get engaged in Social Media. Search the internet for honest and reliable updates. Get informed. Look for the Webinar recordings. Stay focused on your business. Reach out to your teams and groups. Help them. Educate them.

We face some exciting times ahead!

And please remember this. A couple months ago everyone was concerned and worried that TelexFREE was getting investigated. Everyone was sending us links to articles about it. Now the company has taken steps to assure that we will not have any legal challenges or regulation inquiries. We all want TelexFREE to be here for us for decades to come. The new compensation plan is designed to accomplish part of that goal. We’re sure there will be some tweaks still to be made to the new comp plan. And we all need to understand that there are certain requirements that have to be met for us to be compliant under U.S. and International Laws. The company is taking steps to make sure we are compliant. We as representatives of the company have to also follow certain rules to make sure we are acting accordingly.

And lastly, know that the company is working hard behind the scenes to get everything working correctly. They have a vision for the future of TelexFREE. You will start seeing more products soon. You will see many changes to the website. Go look around at some of the new features that are already there. We ask everyone to stay involved, learn about the new comp plan and watch what the company has in store for you and your teams. TelexFREE has changed 1000′s of lives worldwide. We can all say that our lives are better as a result of our association with TelexFREE. So let’s stay positive. Stay focused. Stay involved. Offer solutions. And continue to build a company that will be here for decades to come.

Also, Randy Crosby had a lot of updates and information on his call today. Get Eduacated. Listen to the training calls.


Below is the schedule for the Global Marketing Strategies Training Webinars for the rest of the month of March. Get registered and get to these Webinars as there will be a tremendous amount of news and tips revealed on them in the month of March. Here’s the schedule, the times and the link to our Webinar:


Tuesday, March 18th, 2014 at 1:00PM EST
Thursday, March 20th, 2014 at 1:00PM EST
Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 at 1:00PM EST
Thursday, March 27th, 2014 at 1:00PM EST

Here’s the link for the Webinar for the above dates:
Registration URL:

10:00AM (Los Angeles)
1:00PM (New York)
11:00PM (Mexico City)
5:00PM (London)
6:00PM (Amsterdam)
7:00PM (Johannesburg)
9:00PM (Dubai)
1:00AM (Kuala Lumpur)



There is a Training & Education Event In Dallas That You Will Want To Attend On Saturday, April 12th. Steve Labriola (TelexFREE), Jay Godwin (TelexMFA), TelexCELLULAR, i-Payout, Top US Team Builders – Doug, Pete, and Rodrigo will ALL be there. And two special speakers will be there too!

Get Your Tickets Now:

Go Build Your Empire! The time is NOW! A new comp plan, and more money on the table for you!


15March2013 – News and Updates from the Boston Compensation Plan Training Event and Convversations with Steve Labriola

Many of you know how I can get on a rant about something. I’ve done that and now I am over it. Now …

There are some things I forgot to report from the outcome of the event and my later late night/early morning conversations with Steve Labriola.
TelexFREE is actually getting a lot of signups internationally. It appears that we Americans tend to be cautiously conservative when there is change. The Atlanta folks are fired up and excited and ready to embrace the new plan as demonstrated with the number of folks who showed up to the event a couple of days ago. Many won’t continue in Telexfree. Many will continue with TelexFREE. So’s life. Make your own choice. Spain is on fire as well as other countries. One thing I did not report on because I was so preoccupied with the changing comp plan (LOL) was this. A new CEO has come on board in the USA. Wait a minute.. let me get my notes…

Okay I am back.

Green Builders

prayer room
mud room
sauna, steam room

Oops! That was my notes for my next steps after I get my new home designed. LOL! The only thing you see there that even remotely resembles work is ‘library’. But I digress.

Here are the notes…

new ceo: mr. stewart mcmillan (sic?) I don’t know if I am spelling his name correctly but he supposedly has a lot of network marketing experience with either ACN or Excel. Sorry my mind started wandering because of my attention deficit advantage. But it is great to finally get someone at the helm who is not only a motivational guy but a strategic plan guy.

He talked about there being 4 p’s when determining whether this is the opportunity you want to be involved with and he said it also helps when showing others why they should embrace the deal.

1. products
2. pay – enhancements to comp plan. it is based on customers
3. people – you have to be with an organization where you trust the people beside you and want to hang out with you.
4. passion – do we have a passion for this business.

there is a certain amount of commitment that is going to be required from us and the executive management team and the leaders in order to
1. protect this opportunity commitment
2 and exec mgmt team will protect it for us to protect our families for a long time

That is it for my copious notes.



TelexFree to release new compensation plan?

What are the details? No one has been given the new compensation plan in detail.
So whatever you read is pure speculation, guessing games, maybe partially correct …maybe not … blah blah blah talk, attempt to get high Google rankings, or an attempt to pretend as if they know something of which they know nothing of. LOL!




Right now we need to acknowledge that it takes more patience lately to post and validate ads. With that knowledge, we can try many avenues. Or we can get mad and stressed out and cause ourselves to die of a heart attack. I don’t like the latter option.

1. clear COOKIES from your browser cache
if you have firefox, click TOOLS, then click options, and then PRIVACY
and you will see a link that says ‘Remove individual cookies’. Click it. Then in the search box, you will enter telexfree. Delete each of those cookies. BOOYAH! DONE!


2. close current browser and use another browser. Before going to, clear COOKIES

3. Another method that has worked for many folks. LOG OUT (that automatically clears SOME cookies MOST times) and then LOG IN again.

If you are getting “INTERNAL SERVER ERROR” that means that TELEXFREE is having system problems. And since we can’t affect things OUT of our control, we just have to wait and keep trying.

NOW.. another important point. DO NOT use the same ad link that allowed the RED X to appear. Go back to the ad posting site you are using and GENERATE NEW Ad Links!

4. Oh yes! I had to edit this and include another option. Tell Peter and Natalie that Faith Sloan sent you. Go to and have them post your ads for you. They are managing to be successful at it today.

EDITED at 9:00pm EST
For you worry warts out there …
“Dear Promoter,

We are sorry about the maitenance window we had to have during 3h30 (GMT-2) and 08h00 (GMT-2) of (05/feb/2014).
We have done so to improve the performance of our website and, because of that extended maintenance window, we are going to validate your ads fo (05/feb/2014) and (04/feb/2014).

Please, do not be alarmed if you still do not see your past ads on your Back Office, this is the reflect of the changes we made and no data is (or will be) lost. If that happens (previous ads not appearing on your Back Office), the issue will be automatically fixed as soon as possible.

We also inform that due to problems during yesterday (02/15/2014) and today (02/16/2014), the advertises regarding these two days will be made by the company. ”

14February2014 Valentines Day Corporate Call – Steve Labriola

Faith Sloan unedited transcription of the call as she heard it

Joe Craft – TelexFREE CFO is on the call
talked about tax season issues
1099′s will be sent out latter part of next week
there are some incorrect tax id numbers. they want us to contact them to get those fixed.
call call center. they will expedite it immediately. so it gets edited immediately before
corporate have to send the copies of 1099 to irs and state tax entities.
Corp has to send them end of march to governments.
Joe Craft is the Home Business Tax Savings Made Easy co-author. Helpful tips on how to lower our tax liability.
vehicle mileage 56cents per mile. but you have to keep documents. date, business purpose, number of miles
meals and entertainment expenses. date, amount, business purpose. put this on your receipt within 24 hours.
get “TaxBot” or “Neat Receipt” to help with tracking stuff
all other expenses, credit card statements or receipts. office supplies, cell phone, internet, stamps, new office equipment, cost of mobile phone, overhead projectors, printers, etc
if you use phone for personal AND business, IRS allows you to take tax deduction on 80% of your bill with no questions asked

homeowner insurance, rent, depreciate the cost of house, utilities, take percentage of the space you use exclusively for the home office.
light bulbs, furnace filters, etc

more sophisticated creative things: hire your children to work in the business and pay them up to about $5000 a year each. they have to be at least 7 years old. not independent contractor but an employee. deduct what you pay them and it is not gonna be taxable to them. be careful about record keeping in this area to make sure that if you were audited you can prove they did do work for your business and the value you paid them was reasonable for what they did for you.
Get some tax breaks from LLC or corporation and you might be able to write off 100% of your out of pocket medical expenses and health insurance if you are married, you can hire your spouse and your kids.
if not married, you can do this through a certain type of corporation.
These are just a few things you can use to lower your tax liability

The TelexFREE My Financial Advantage (MFA) Plan product’s MoneyTrax, financial planning component is where they will give you advice on these things. So he recommends MFA to utilize the MoneyTrax service for any tax advice. (Faith’s note: of course he recommends MFA. He is a principal. chuckle. But it is an excellent product)
They don’t prepare tax returns but they will give you info on a one-on-one basis and help you maximize your knowledge and minimize your tax obligations.

Phyllis is one of the financial counselors through the MFA service. She will work with you on any matter you need advice with. And Joe Craft’s CPA firm is based out of indiana but has a large component of his practice serving the tax needs of home business owners. email:

Steve talked about telexapp, telexmobile etc. These products and services should be launching end of March… end of first quarter 2014.
Most of this week the Corporate prinicpals and attorneys have been in planning meetings particularly in regards to the technology integration and the new compensation plan which weighs heavily on generating revenue via the TelexFREE products and services.
TelexFREE Compensation Plan changes rolling out next week according to Steve.
MFA extremely successful according to the statistics coming from MFA in terms of FICO scores increase and dollars saved in interest fees and finance charges.
Steve says again that TelexFREE is growing so fast that it is encountering challenges that comes with the territory.
Finally, TelexFREE IT folks have received pressure from Corporate to expedite the resolution of the issues with the 2nd year contracts binary and renewed position placements. (No Estimated time of completion – Faith Sloan’s comment) (Another comment from Faith Sloan … Roy Lentz and Lawrence Jacobs talks about TelexCellular. Corporate and others refers to TelexMobile. So from here on out, TelexMobile is what you will hear or read from me)

10February2014 SUPER UPDATES ABOUT TelexCellular LAUNCH in March!



#HUGENEWS: TelexCELLULAR is launching in March!!! Yessiree! NEXT MONTH, Folks!

TelexFREE owns TelexCellular …a wireless/mobile phone company offering mobile/cellular phone service. We will be the first company in the world to offer a global phone service which allows unlimited calling within the USA AND unlimited calling to over 80 countries, unlimited texting, and internet. UNLIMITED GLOBAL LOCAL CALLING!!! We use the same towers as the Four Major Carriers and therefore our coverage is ALL OF THEIRS COMBINED! But hold on to your horses. TelexFREE will offer the service the USA FIRST and then roll it out GLOBALLY/INTERNATIONALLY!

What is TelexFREE? See my blog and view the first video. How to get in NOW! EASY! Contact the person who sent you here OR Call me 1.800.670.3202, skype me: faithsloan, email me telexfreeglobalteam @ (and no i won’t respond to any spam solicitations except to reply with information about TelexFREE. So stop the exercise in futility! LOL!)

04February2014 and 05February2014 TelexFREE Cheated Us Out of Our Money! WAAAHHHH!

Folks panic and panic and panic all the time! LOL! You plan a day at the mall and you say “I’m going to my favourite restaurant at 12:00pm and then I am going to shop at my favourite shoes store at 1:30pm and after that I will go to the theatre and then …” Then you jump in your vehicle, and BAM! BANG! You see cans of stringbeans strewn all over the freeway/tollway and traffic has come to a standstill. You say DANG! Now what? Do you panic, get out of your vehicle and call me and cuss me out about the traffic jam? Do you call the department of transportation and tell them to get their butts out there NOW and fix this problem? NO YOU DO NOT! You sit your little booty down and WAIT for the traffic jam to clear. LOL

So when TelexFREE’s site was down and even when TelexFREE put up a maintenance notice, I got skyped to death. I got phone calls from loads of folks I have never spoken to EVER in my life, I had this one guy obviously drunk who said some nasty things which teed me off but in about 5 minutes I laughed. He said he phoned me because it is was the toll free number he found in Google and he needed someone to talk to. LOL! I will share it with him in an hour hoping that his head is banging with his hangover. I had folks texting me and facebooking me galore!

You say, “But Faith, it says maintenance will be 2 hours!”. I say “But friend, we don’t know when the cans of stringbeans will be cleared from the freeway. When it happens it will happen. Besides historically when the site hiccups, TelexFREE ALWAYS have posted and validated our ads for us. Yes. In the past year, they ALWAYS have.”

Now I have that out of the way. Why are ya’ll still pinging me with fear in your voices and in your hearts about how TelexFREE is unfair and you missed getting paid blah blah blah”. I don’t know about ya’ll, but I saw this in my backoffice when I logged into my gazillion accounts. Read it. Understand it. Comprehend it. CHILL OUT!

“Dear Promoter,

We are sorry about the maitenance window we had to have during 3h30 (GMT-2) and 08h00 (GMT-2) of today (05/feb/2014).
We have done so to improve the performance of our website and, because of that extended maintenance window, we are going to validate your ads for today (05/feb/2014) and yesterday (04/feb/2014).

Please, do not be alarmed if you still do not see your past ads on your Back Office, this is the reflect of the changes we made and no data is (or will be) lost. If that happens (previous ads not appearing on your Back Office), the issue will be automatically fixed between today and tomorrow.”

In other words … CHILL OUT with the RAMPANT FEAR! LOL! IT IS Okayyyyyy…..

TelexFREE Corporate Update Call 29January2014 with Steve Labriola

Click HERE

TelexFREE Brand New Web Site! 26January2014

TelexFREE New Web site Design

TelexFREE New Web site

TelexFREE Brand New Corporate Office in Massachusetts! January2014

TelexFREE New Corporate Office

TelexFREE New Corporate Office

TelexFREE New Corporate Office

TelexFREE New Corporate Office

TelexFREE New Corporate Office

TelexFREE New Corporate Office

Steve Labriola Update Call: 14January2014 – The Only talk of TelexFREE USA Investigation is by the 2 bloggers

Recorded call 712-432 1085 code 376560
Steve Labriola also talks about how the company has to be product-based and customer focused so we can protect our company and protect your business.
He gave us updates on My Financial Advantage Plan (MFA) which has been spectacular.
TelexCelluar went through beta and passed with flying colors
renewal invoices will be fixed 15jan and will be self-generating
ewallet situation – no wires or transfers and in euros. will be updated any day now with the currency being back in usdollars, they have new bank accpounts in new countries and those banks will also be integrated in the ewallet by ipayout. Many of these issues are due to strong growth we are experiencing. astronomical growth and there are plenty of eyese watching watching what we are doing and keeping us on track.

If I started a $50 partner position 01january, then i upgraded with adcentral 01feb and then one 01mar, what is the anniversary date. it is when you started the partner position. So the moral of the story according to me, Faith Sloan, is that it makes no sense to upgrade 6 months or 8 months etc down the line. Because you will only get 6 or 5 etc months in the contract. Just my opinion.

International banking via ewallet will allow us to set up individual banks as we grow in countries to facilitate the process for our agents in those particular countries. Will be all cleared up this week.

Listen to the Recorded call above.
Upwards and forward, my colleagues!

Why are You Asking Me for my OPINION? SERIOUSLY? TelexFREE Investigated by the US Government? IRS or XYZ? Where is the Beef? 14January2014

(*) Ladies and Gentlemen!! You know who you are. Please stop emailing me, facebooking me, skyping me and phoning me about rumours related to TelexFREE. Read what it is you are reading. Dissect it for quotes to see if there any direct quotes in regards to the Brazilian prosecutor, Alessandra Marques, of the Acre Public Prosecutor’s Office being interviewed by a Boston Brazilian radio station. She doesn’t even have the right to speak on behalf of the Brazilian federal government. And reading the original source, the question is did she really say what the bloggers allege she said? Then continue to read and look for references to DIRECT VERIFIABLE sources in terms of TelexFREE being investigated by the IRS. Then if you know how USA works, turn up the volume on your thinking cap a few more decibels and ask yourself this … how would Alessandra Marques, of the Acre Public Prosecutor’s Office know what she is alleged to know if she is not a USA government insider? Why would the USA tell Alessandra Marques, of the Acre Public Prosecutor’s Office they are investigating TelexFREE? I believe this information would be what our guv’ment would call confidential. Why would the Brazilian Federal government tell her that they are in contact with the USA re: TelexFREE? Then after you finished that exercise, continue reading the piece. Then go find out where the official transcript or audio of the alleged interview is. Or maybe try calling the radio station yourself. Stop asking me my OPINION. I have NO OPINIONs on RUMOURS. If you know me … you would know THAT. I embrace FACTS. So my question to you is what DOCUMENTED PROVEN FACTS do you have for me? Until you can answer that question and provide me with the OFFICIAL documents and resources that the conversation ever took place AND if it has indeed taken place, give me OFFICIAL documents that Alessandra Marques, of the Acre Public Prosecutor’s Office is truly privy to the information she is allegedly sharing with American radio while she is a non-USA citizen and a non-American. When you can do that, I will delight in indulging you in an intelligent adult informed conversation void of speculation, innuendos, etc. CRITICAL THINKING, LOGIC, and FACTS are the elements of the game I play. Unless of course, God is speaking to me. Then I believe the impossible is possible. How about you? My name is Faith Sloan and I approve this message.

p.s. i found who originally reported the article. The 2 main boys reporting it did a poor job of translating the 2nd or 3rd paragraph. Actually, It was deliberate. There was NO mention of the IRS in the original report. Like I said … I am pleased to say that they did not get as much traction on their blogs as they probably expected. A screen shot was sent to me. Looks like a ghost town. Maybe they are not getting paid enough from Google Adsense ads and they are trying to drive each of you to their blogs so they can eat again. LOL! Have fun. I ain’t going over there to help them get ad impressions cash from Google.

BREAKING NEWS! 08January2014

(*) TelexFREE is the NEW 2014 SPONSOR of the Brazilian Soccer Team – BOTAFOGO.!

Webinar 07January2014

Happy New Year!
The meeting was brief but here are the important points I got out of the meeting…
GREAT WEBINAR! I can’t wait to see MFA fully integrated in our TelexFREE backoffice so we can see the commissions pouring in from our customers. And the good news is that MFA (MY FINANCIAL ADVANTAGE Plan) is opening up to Canada, Dominican Republic, and US Virgin Island. And other countries coming soon. Still patiently awaiting the new system promised us (hint hint Mr. IT) and looking forward to seeing the awesome Telecommunications service launched first quarter 2014! Keep the news coming and MORE IMPORTANTLY, Let US SEE the Works! BOOYAH!



BODY of EMAIL: include your username

Shucks! BREAKING NEWS FOLKS! TelexFREE My Financial Plan just launched at 6pm EST RIGHT NOW!

If you listened to me and pre-registered, then check your emails. Your link is there.

I will be promoting to get a gazillion customers.

Catch me if you can! They are alllll MINE! MY CUSTOMERS! ALLLL MINE! LOL!

I am buying the product right now to see the magic it will perform for my credit score. It ain’t bad but i want to have a perfect FICO! BOOYAH!

And EquityTrak will show me my millionaire date. Wait! I am almost there ALREADY in TelexFREE so I am looking for my 10millionaire date! LOL!

04December2013 Exciting News, Updates, and Issues

Missing ads: There seems to be a computer glitch that has caused a lot of accounts to miss getting their weekly stock packages. The company is aware of this and is working on it. No need to create support tickets or call or email customer service. It will get fixed.


There continue to be new and subtle developments and adjustments to the back office experience of your eWALLET. It is SO IMPORTANT that you spend time in your eWALLET and get familiar with it. The eWALLET is here to stay and it will continue to be the financial platform and gateway for all of us! Get to know your eWALLET so that you can support your TEAM when they have questions and need support.


In the last couple of days there have been two emails circulating that we’re aware of instructing you or encouraging you to click on a link that sends you to link that is NOT A LINK. Be responsible and do your due diligence with the emails you receive from TelexFREE (or those pretending to be TelexFREE.) Verify their origin. If you have doubts or questions, ask your Sponsor, ask others in your Network, and discuss them before clicking on these links! Here are a couple of examples of these emails:


EMAILS with SUBJECT: “Pending re-registration”
DELETE THEM. Even though they say from


Hello, dear

pending re-registration.

Welcome to Telexfree. Your data have not been validated, to continue, click the button below to validate their data..

Our Thoughts on this email:

(If you have browser protection, which we encourage you to have, these BOGUS emails will likely get filtered).

And here’s a comment from one of your fellow Promoters, after they received the email:

“I don’t think TelexFREE will be calling me “dear” and my firefox browser protection service says it is a PHISHING email if you analyze the link first of all and secondly… awww. ..forget about it. Just do NOT click the “validate my registration” button in the email. It redirects to a .br site and they will steal your login and password credentials. DO NOT CLICK IT!


EMAILS with SUBJECT: Download your New Product


Faça o Download gratuito do software da TelexFREE e chame seus amigos, quando mais amigos tiverem o software, mais legal fica!

or copy and paste into your browser.



Since the Extravaganza in Orlando, Florida there has been a lot of excitement about the TelexMFA financial product. We were all anticipating a launch before now. And while we understand the complexities of website integration and development, we know you want and deserve the product. There are many of you who are eager to use the product personally, while others have 10′s of 100′s of potential customers waiting in the wings to release this to. Financial Health is so important people! SO IMPORTANT! As we have emailed you before, expressing the importance of pre-registering, we remind you again to take advantage of this special placement. The gentlemen at TelexMFA, particularly Mr. Jay Godwin, have reserved priority attention to the first 3,000 enrollee’s of you and your teams. Please get this message out them and have them pre-register NOW:


1) Send an email to:

3) Put In The Subject Line: MFA: Pre-Registration and your user name

2) In That Email Include:





Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Get to these Webinars. Get your TEAMS to these Webinars. They are full of value and current topics!


Twice a week (Tues & Thurs at 1:00PM EST) we meet via WEBINAR to discuss new features in the back office, review popular business topics and questions, and explore effective marketing strategies. Come join us and learn how to effectively manage your back office and develop a thriving TelexFREE business.

We look forward to seeing you all on Thursday the 5th & Tuesday the 10th at 1:00PM EST! Here are the webinar registration details:

Registration URL:

10:00AM (Los Angeles)

1:00PM (New York)

12:00PM (Mexico City)

6:00PM (London)

7:00PM (Amsterdam)

8:00PM (Johannesburg)

10:00PM (Dubai)

2:00AM (Kuala Lumpur)

If you have questions that you would like reviewed, please send them to and we will take the most popular email subjects and review them for you during the WEBINAR. We really look forward to seeing you all there! Go share TelexFREE! Remember: Results occur 100% of the time…where else do you find that?

You have A LOT to LOOK FORWARD to with TelexFREE!

And we are proud and privileged to be working with you! See you tomorrow on the Webinar! With respect and appreciation for you and what you’re doing with your TEAMS! There is so much to look forward to in 2014!


03December2013 My Financial Advantage Plan (MFA) Webinar by Jay Godwin, co-designer of MFA

TelexFREE: My Financial Advantage Plan (MFA) Presentation – Jay Godwin from Faith Sloan on Vimeo.


RENEWAL: Today it is 20% based on income generate the previous year for existing contract. They are re-doing the business model for new contracts so folks won’t be hurt financially at end of year. But meanwhile it is 20%. The invoice will appear only about 10 days before it is due. so he is trying to get it opened up to a wider window. he talked with jay, carlos, and jim and is trying to adjust it later, know when your contract end date! pay with backoffice funds, or send check to corporate with invoice number written on check or pay through ewallet.

A new powerpoint will be available which is simple to show us how to register new agents using ZipZap in our ewallet. to do it. sign up an agent, pay invoice, ewallet $500 max. but you can pay it in 3 different amounts all in one transaction. Go to 7-11 or something and pay at the counter. it is instant and very fast.
We can still can do ACHs and direct deposits, bank wires. They are doing all they can to get away from cc transactions. They are our biggest battle because of chargebacks, fraud, etc. They now have their fraud down to a sensible level finally so they are going to move forward and just want ACHs and alternate ways. go to your ewallet. See the positive changes they made today. and the ewallet integration process will become easier and easier in the coming weeks.

They are serious about cross-recruiting. they do not approve of it. have respect for your upline and build your business. stand up and be the person taht you are and build your business so they can get residuals and do not move or go start another organization because someone is painting a better opportunity to you. we are growing our company and we are going to keep growing our company. They are going to cancel your position if you are caught with documented proof.

MFA is in testing stage and the IT wants to work on one more thing this weekend. By mid-day monday we will probably get an email back saying it is live and we can use it and can start selling it. Jay Godwin, Joe Kraft (Krapf?) have been very responsive and their IT dept and our dept have been working to make sure it comes together. Our software is challenging for integration. We have to make sure that if someone is on a certain level, the right commissions have to be paid to the right people who are qualified and to the upline. Customer Commission stays the same 2% every level and 10% on personal. We will try to keep it the same for all products. If not, then they will inform us. MFA opportunity will provide us with an incredible increase in income and build your future for early retirement, pay out bills earlier, etc.

We had a great week in our customer service meeting with Ernie coming up from Florida. They are putting in some aggressive action. They have been flooded because of the unbelievable growth. We keep moving in the right direction. We are now taking all of what the outside company does and all what we do and integrate it so we can have 1 resource to take care of support. He says all tickets and questions will be answered and if not it will be in 24 hours. on a daily basis we are doing all we can to move to the right area. we are the best opportunity on the planet. and want you all to have the best products and the best service. if somebody makes a payment and it doesn’t get credited right then in their eyes nobody is being credited. We are processing thousands and thousands of transactions a day. the ones not going through is a much smaller percentage than it used to be and i promise i will get it working to where we want it to be.

telexmobile: We’re still on track 1st qtr 2014. Where we are going for 2014… The launch of 2 major projects for us end of this year and beginning of next year. the requirements for customers is going to be easier and mandatory and apply to all agents out there. EVERY AGENT MUST have to have a customer to get paid. the one or 2 or 3 customers … it is only going to generate more revenue to all agents in the business including them. We are moving in the direction to maintain compliance, to increase income. We want to be a global company and a household name.

I will keep moving forward to get the fixes done and make everyone comfortable in their business. We are partnering up with some great companies. And on the cell product, just never never ever print the name of the major 4 carriers when creating marketing materials. We can say we are on a switch with the 4 major carriers until we have like 1 million customers and i believe we will reach.

Again we are serious about cross-recruiting. please don’t do it. respect where people are and don’t try to paint a different picture as if theirs is better. he says all leaders have him available to them in every leg in this company so stay where you are . stay connected to your business and grow your business where you are and have an incredibly incredibly bright future.

The new business model will no longer have the 20% payable at end of year. You will pay that 20% during the year to lessen the financial hardship you can encounter if you have to pay 20% at end ofyear.

Randy: referring to at least 3 customers being lucrative … you are only qualified to earn on 3 levels. if you want to make sure by monday that everyone have 5 personal customers including voip and mfa. or you will miss out on some levels of income. it will get even better as they add the TelexMobile. potentially the average person have 5, 10 20 customers.

We do not lose residuals on the customers. we will continue receiving residuals upon renewal. And we will get new binary boom boom boom and fast start bonuses as our team renews and come to join us AGAIN.

Click Here for The Actual Audio of the update call with Steve Labriola!


TelexFREE Event Updates from the 1st International TelexFREE Extravaganza by Faith Sloan

My Financial Advantage Plan – $69/month – Production Intergration before end of year

- In the past, Fred Irvin was in a deal called FDI and this was one of the products that was used. The three components are: MoneyTRAX. CreditTRAX and EquityTRAX. You will have your own financial advisor which typically costs $100 an hour but not for us … TelexFREE agents and customers. You will go into your backoffice and schedule a date and time for consulting. CreditTRAX really helps clean up your credit score, you download your credit history for free etc. Their job will be to kill derogatory items from your credit report. his score jumped 124 points! And equityTRAX is awesome. it deals with debt. We are about getting people out of debt. You will log in and enter all of your debt… anything with an interest rate or finance charge like mortgages, credit cards, revolving credit accounts, etc and within 24 hours, you will get an email telling you how to pay it off. and they will give you date month and year of when you will be debt free. You will also see your millionaire date. It is very powerful and automatic. EquityTRAX is great in that even when your economic situation changes, you can add additional debt, income etc. to get realtime analysis of where you are and what you need to do to get where you want to go. This gives us, TelexFREE agents, a customer for 6 months, 3 years, 10 years or more because customers will be using this product to keep their credit cleared and track their debt free dates in real time as their lives changes. Can you say awesome RESIDUAL INCoME? YES!

This component is exclusive to TelexFREE agents … the ability to allow customers to purchase electronics, furniture, and other consumer products with NO interest. Customers receive a secureed loan with No credit check needed. And to top it off, the merchants will report our payments back to credit bureaus. They are also going to provide identity theft protection services! WOW! Also your spouse is enrolled for free when you get enrolled.


As you know cellphones and mobile services are booming and is a trillion dollar industry. It’s something you need and use every single day. Many companies today utilize the networks of the largest companies. It’s much easier for these companies to get out of the gate running. They use the backbone of one of the the 4 major companies in the USA … T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and Verizon.

But TelexFREE wants to be DIFFERENT! TelexMobile will launch in the USA first and future international expansion is under consideration in the future. ONE Network which uses all 4 networks! AMAZING! TelexMobile will be a mobile cell phone provider. We will be able to bring the lowest rates possible and if someone shows a lower rate, then we would like to see this feat!

This alone just tripled or quadrupled every TelexFREE agent’s pay check!!

The majority of TelexFREE members/agents are outside of the USA. So this means that we need to get started today and get as many customers as we can. AMAZING! The cellphones are also commissionable and the majority of the telecom related consumer products are commissionable as well. CHA CHING! More income for us AGAIN!

With TelexMobile, our customers will be able to use the mobile phone to access Verizon, T-mobile, AT&T and Sprint all through TelexMobile. To be able to compete with the big 4 is amazing and I am sure you can grasp how much money we can make by bringing in a boatload of customers. I definitely will be a customer myself and plan to have more customers than you can shake a stick at!

TelexMobile will provide a New cellphone/mobile service offered by TelexFREE. In 60 to 90 days it will be introduced to the market! It will work with all 4 major cellphone companies AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, so you won’t have to join a new network! You will be able to talk to 80+ countries, and guess what? It gets even better! From now on you will be able to talk to folks in other countries straight from your cellphone, there will be no need to go through a Local Central Access number on our mobile phone as we are doing today with the 99Telexfree product/service!

You will be able to port your phone over automatically in real time online to TelexMobile. Watch out AT&T! Watch out Sprint! Watch out T-Mobile! Watch out Sprint!

The demo of the new TelexMobile Android app was equally amazing. It encapsulates chat messaging, a contact manager, and much more. Stay tuned!

TelexFREE New System and Platform will FINALLY roll out by 1st quarter 2014 at the very latest

We have been waiting a long time for this to happen. The demo of the new Telexfree website was truly breath taking. With a few clicks of a mouse Telexfree can add a lot of fully commissionable products for us to earn even more money than we are earning today. We are already excited by the residual income we are accustomed to in TelexFREE. But NOW our customers will be on my financial advantage plan, TelexMobile, 99Telex, and future products like coffee, or whatever TelexFREE chooses to roll out of the product pipeline. And to top it off, we will earn monthly residuals 5 levels deep! WOW! BOOOM! BOOM! BOOM! And residuals will increase astronomically!

This baby is going to be on STEROIDS! Talk about a lucrative compensation plan? Talk about a business that can change your life? TelexFREE is it! In 2014 you will see what is about to explode or you can GET IN NOW and be a PART of everything that is happening with TelexFREE.

Backoffice product training coming “soon” and they are “really, really, close” according to TelexFREE’s IT guy, Jay. He also acknowledged that problem escalation and resolution has put a real kink in our growth and ask for us to please please be patient a little while longer.

We already know TelexFREE is a REAL legitimate business. The existing TelexFREE business model where the agents get paid a base pay is NOT NEW. This has been a viable, legal business model since the beginning of time. Look at the business model of ALL sales organizations. Study it. And you will come to the only conclusion. TelexFREE is here now and here to stay. But now there will be NO QUESTION. With the ability to quickly add new products or services, can you imagine how many new customers will be coming onboard? We are not just VOIP only. This is a bigger picture than most of us can grasp at this time! It is HUGE!

Look out into the Horizon! What do you see? TELEXFREE!

Faith Sloan with Deven Shah business partner and wife

Faith Sloan with Deven Shah business partner and wife

Faith Sloan, Leader of TelexFREE Global Power Team with Deven Shah, top Indian leader on TelexFREE Global Power Team his business partner and wife

Faith Sloan, Leader of TelexFREE Global Power Team with Deven Shah, top Indian leader on TelexFREE Global Power Team his business partner and wife

Faith Sloan posing with TelexFREE co-founder, Carlos Wanzeler while holding her Outstanding Leadership award

Faith Sloan – Outstanding Leadership Award – and co-founder, Carlos Wanzeler

Additional News from Roy Lentz:


The 20% Renewal Rule is getting a lot of talk as the Anniversary dates approach. There is a lot of conflicting information out there about 60 days to pay? 90 days to pay? How to pay it? Where to pay it? Do we continue to earn while we are paying the 20% renewal fee? While there was talk at the Extravaganza about…YES, there will be a 20% fee applied to all Promoters, the details were not very clear. Give us a week, and we’ll get a clearer answer for you. Here’s and example: You earn $10,000.00 with TelexFREE in your “Telex Calendar Year”. You would pay $2,000.00 to TelexFREE at your time of contract renewal.


Legal compliance and integrity are key for the future of TelexFREE. This will ensure the long-term future of TelexFREE. And collecting a solid customer base for your business will be critical to that interest. We all need to do our part. Having the VOIP product, the FINANCIAL plan, and the CELLULAR offering will make the customer accumulation even easier.


There are continued transition challenges with the eWallet experience. While it is beneficial in SO MANY dynmaic ways, it also has some glitches and some trouble spots that are being worked on. If you see or know of another area within the eWallet experience, please let us know about it and let eWallet know about it. The collective IT Teams are in the business of fixing problems, and we need to support them and let them know in a clear and concise way what our unique experiences are if you have a problem. We suggest taking a screenshot or a short video of your problem, and adding that to your email correspondence with eWallet. Remember, eWallet is available by phone and by email and also through an online chat option on the website to help you ensure that your accounts get set-up properly. And because of so many different countries and international bank policies each eWallet account can be a little different. Their contact information is on the eWallet website and the iPayout website too.


The Training & Strategies Webinars we host will become even more informative and helpful. Here are the links to the Webinars for Tuesday, November 5th and Thursday, November 7th: As you know they are at 1:00PM EST.

10:00AM (Los Angeles)
12:00PM (Mexico City)
1:00PM (New York)
6:00PM (London)
7:00PM (Amsterdam)
8:00PM (Johannesburg)
10:00PM (Dubai)
2:00AM (Kuala Lumpur)

We were exposed to a lot this past weekend. And we have a lot to look forward to with TelexFREE. As we become more aware of the details, we will share them with you in our Webinars and through emails! So stay plugged in for the next 6 months, as the information about all of these new features will continue to roll in. Finish up 2013 with a sense of urgency! And start off 2014 with a bang! This is truly a time to build your Empire! You clearly are at the right place – at the right time!

Faith Sloan
Outstanding Leadership Award November 02, 2013
TelexFREE TeamBuilder and Global Power Team Leader
skype: faithsloan
phone: 1 800 670 3202
email: telexfreeglobalteam @



TelexFREE International Super Weekend November 1-2 2013

The International TelexFREE Event was standing room ONLY! About 2500 people attended this event. It was truly international indeed!

Listen to this convention update call NOW at 1-712-432-0075
Code 376560

And tomorrow 05November, Steve Labriola will provide us with corporate updates and a recap of what was
announced at the convention! BE THERE!

Register for our LIVE WEBINARS

Dial in LIVE 1-712-432-0075
Code 376560


Breaking news in Portuguese, English, and Spanish about the TelexFREE Brazil / Ympactus Court Case.  Things are looking positive for our brothers and sisters in Brazil!


As bancas de advogados contratadas por Carlos Costa, incluindo o renomado escritório local Roberto Duarte Advogados & Associados S/S, para defender os interesses da TelexFREE acerca da liminar que bloqueou as atividades da empresa há quase 4 meses começam a ter excelentes resultados.

Após não conseguir comprovar as denúncias imputadas a TelexFREE e apelar com o pedido de Embargo de Declaração acerca da decisão da juíza Thaís Khalil invertendo o ônus da prova, o Ministério Público do Acre acaba de sofrer mais uma humilhante derrota.

Com exclusividade, a redação do acrealerta teve acesso a decisão da juíza Thaís Khalil negando o Embargo de Declaração solicitado pelo MP/AC, mantendo a decisão de que este se responsabilize em apresentar as provas acercas das acusações feitas a empresa.

No Embargo, literalmente sem bases para continuar com a acusação contra a empresa, o MP/AC apelou alegando que não podia assumir o ônus da prova (de que a empresa pratica pirâmide financeira) porque a TelexFREE não havia repassado os documentos solicitados por aquele órgão, ainda requeridos na ação inicial.

Apesar de solicitar que a empresa apresente os supostos documentos que ainda faltam, alegados pelo MA/AC, a Juíza manteve o ônus da prova sob a responsabilidade do MP/AC.

“Diante da necessidade de imediata apreciação do pedido de p. 40.680 da ação cautelar preparatória (atualmente na Contadoria Judicial), e constatando que, efetivamente, nem todos os documentos solicitados foram apresentados pelos réus, determino que sejam os mesmos intimados para que complementam os documentos apresentados, nos termos mencionados na referida petição, no prazo de dez dias, com a ressalva de que deverão ser juntados na ação cautelar preparatória. Sendo assim, conheço os presentes embargos de declaração, mas lhes nego provimento, não vislumbrando contradições, obscuridades ou omissões a serem sanadas na decisão de pp. 2.925/2.934”.

Com a negativa da Juíza, a batalha jurídica que já entrou no quarto mês pode ter fim a qualquer momento. Fontes seguras do acrealerta revelam que por este motivo, políticos locais diretamente envolvidos no bloqueio da empresa, até então omissos acerca do caso, começam a se manifestar tentando abocanhar a simpatia dos Divulgadores e se capitalizar politicamente, minimizando os impactos nas eleições de 2014.



English Translation


The law firms hired by Carlos Costa , including the renowned local office Roberto Duarte & Associados Advogados S / S , to defend the interests of Telexfree about the injunction that blocked the company’s activities for almost four months start to have excellent results .

After failing to prove the allegations attributed to Telexfree and appeal with the request Embargo Declaration on the judge’s decision Thais Khalil reversing the burden of proof , the prosecutor ‘s Acre has just suffered another humiliating defeat .

Uniquely , the wording of acrealerta had access to judge’s decision denying the Thais Khalil Embargo Declaration requested by the MP / AC , keeping the decision to take responsibility in this present evidence acercas of allegations the company .

Embargo in literally no bases to continue the prosecution against the company , the MP / AC appealed on the grounds that it could not take on the burden of proof ( that the company practicing financial pyramid ) because Telexfree had not passed on the documents requested by that body still required in the initial action.

Despite asking the company presents the supposed documents are still missing , alleged by the MA / CA, the Judge held the burden of proof under the responsibility of the MP / AC .

” Given the need for immediate assessment of the application of p . 40,680 of injunction Preparatory ( currently in Accounting Judicial ) , and noting that, indeed , not all requested documents were submitted by the defendants , determine which are the same enjoined to complement the documents presented , the terms mentioned in the said petition within ten days , with the exception that should be joined in preparatory injunction . Therefore , know the present motion for clarification , but they deny providing not glimpsing contradictions , ambiguities or omissions to be remedied in the decision pp . 2.925/2.934 ” .

With the refusal of Judge , the legal battle that has entered the fourth month may have order at any time . Reliable sources indicate that the acrealerta for this reason , local politicians directly involved in blocking the company’s hitherto silent about the case , begin to manifest sympathy trying to grab the Promoters and capitalize politically , minimizing the impact on the 2014 elections .

Source :
Spanish Translation
NOTICIAS SOBRE PERSONAS Telexfree … ¡Buenas noticias!
Los bufetes de abogados contratados por Carlos Costa , incluida la oficina local de renombre Roberto Duarte & Associados Advogados S / S , para defender los intereses de Telexfree acerca de la medida cautelar que impedía las actividades de la compañía durante casi cuatro meses comienza a tener excelentes resultados.

Después de no poder sustentar las denuncias atribuidas a Telexfree y apelar a la Declaración Embargo solicitud en la decisión del juez Thais Khalil inversión de la carga de la prueba , Acre del fiscal sólo ha sufrido una derrota humillante.

Solo la redacción de acrealerta tuvo acceso a la decisión del juez de negar la Declaración Khalil Thais Embargo solicitada por el MP / AC , manteniendo la decisión de asumir la responsabilidad en el presente evidencia acercas de las alegaciones de la empresa.

Embargo en literalmente no hay bases para continuar la persecución en contra de la empresa, el MP / AC apeló con el argumento de que no podía asumir la carga de la prueba ( que la empresa la práctica de pirámide financiera ) ya Telexfree no había pasado de los documentos solicitados por este organismo todavía se requiere en la acción inicial .

Pese a que la empresa presenta los supuestos documentos que siguen desaparecidos , presuntamente por el MA / CA , el juez sostuvo la carga de la prueba , bajo la responsabilidad del MP / AC .

“Teniendo en cuenta la necesidad de una evaluación inmediata de la aplicación de la p . 40680 de Preparatoria orden (actualmente en Contabilidad Judicial) , y tomando nota de que, de hecho , no todos los documentos solicitados fueron presentadas por los acusados ??, determine que son los mismos ordenado para complementar los documentos presentados, los términos mencionados en dicha petición dentro diez días con la excepción de que debe ser conectado en el orden de preparación . Por lo tanto , conocer el presente recurso de aclaración , pero niegan que proporciona no vislumbrando contradicciones, ambigüedades u omisiones que remediar en el pp decisión 2.925/2.934 ” .

Con la negativa del juez , la batalla legal que ha entrado en el cuarto mes puede tener orden en cualquier momento . Fuentes fidedignas indican que el acrealerta por esta razón , los políticos locales directamente involucrados en el bloqueo de silencio hasta el momento de la compañía sobre el caso , comience a la simpatía manifiesta tratando de agarrar los promotores y capitalizar políticamente , lo que minimiza el impacto en las elecciones de 2014 .

Fuente :


Moving forward, our intention is to provide you a “weekly wrap-up” each Friday. In these “wrap-ups” we want to:

1) Put The Week In Perspective
2) Give You A Few Things to Consider & Share With Your Team
3) Tell You What’s Ahead For The Following Week


This week, we saw the activation and transition into the new eWallet experience in the TelexFREE Back Office.  When TelexFREE aligned with iPayout, as their preferred payment gateway, many of us who are veteran marketers and financial enthusiasts, saw this as Major League Baseball’s version of a homerun in October! And for those of you who know more about Wembly Stadium, Raipur International, or FNB Stadium…iPayout is simply a big deal…over the fence and back of the net deal!  And as the transition completes, there will be frustrations and glitches and a few more delays, but in our opinion, it is worth the wait!  Most, if not every single one, of the withdrawal requests from August and September have been paid.  October is now being completed, and they are catching-up by the day!


What are you doing to educate yourself and ultimately teach your team?  Here’s a great tutorial from a 4-Time Team Builder Yolanda L. on how to do a “screen capture”:

Are you going to The International Event in Orlando, Florida on November 1st & 2nd?

As for what is going on with TelexFREE internationally…simply it is EXPLODING!  And we commend all of you who are developing other countries around the world who are seeing the power of TeleXFREE and what it offers all of us, everywhere!  For the first time ever…the Playing Field has been leveled.  And we would like to take a moment to acknowlwdge Kuratim J. for what we believe is the fastest person to become a Team Builder.  He did it in 3 days. How? He couldn’t believe what he had his hands on.  Saw and experienced a VOIP Product that worked whne he placed a call from his mobile phone to family on the other side of the planet, and then he opened his mouth, and got to work! And then he built a website using  And get this…he doesn’t even own his own computer.  The man is on a mission!  Are you on one as well?  Take note from an experienced and dynamically successful entrepreneur Scott M. who describes TelexFREE as a: “home based business opportunity with a base salary.”  Think about that…really – think – about that!


As you know, TelexFREE hosts Overviews & Trainings all throughout the week.  Those who go, listen and participate – get what they need…and they are the ones with the record-shattering results!  The relationship is:  the more you put into your business…the more you get out of it!  The gym, or anything you want to be good at, works the same way!  Get it?  

Effort in = Results Out!
Here’s the Registration Link for the Training & Webinars this week:


Twice a week (Tues & Thurs at 1:00PM EST) we meet via WEBINAR to discuss new features in the back office, review popular business topics and questions, and explore effective marketing strategies. Come join us and learn how to effectively manage your back office and develop a thriving TelexFREE business.

DATE & TIME: Tuesday, the 15th & Thursday, the 17th 2013
1:00PM (New York)
10:00AM (Los Angeles)
6:00PM (London)
7:00PM (Amsterdam)
12:00PM (Mexico City)
1:00AM (Malaysia)
9:00PM (Dubai)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           REGISTRATION URL:                                                                                             
They’re about an hour long.  We cover what’s important.  And we give you a couple of marketing nuggets to incorporate into your routine.  We shoot straight and get you the facts about your back office.  We have some guests coming on in the weeks ahead that will surprise most you, and for a few of you, they will be familiar voices to you.  We’ve got some other great things in-store for you too as the year comes to a close. You see, around here in October, we’re more into “Treats” than “Tricks” and we have a lot to be “Thankful” for as November 1st & 2nd approach.  So get on these Trainings…and please tell us what you think of them, or what we can do to improve them.  We’re here for you!  And we want to better your experience!  Most importantly, we’re here for the people who just bought their first AdCentral contract, and on their way to being awarded a VOIP Software Package for consistently posting one ad per day for seven consecutive days!  That’s exciting!  Very exciting!

If you are not in Telexfree,  attend the webinars and get back to the person who introduced you to TelexFREE and get started TODAY!




Yes, that’s right folks, the E-Wallet link is now live in your TelexFREE back office. If you do not have an E-Wallet account you can now log in and get one. And if you do have one, you can access it now from your back office. We do not see a link to pay invoices out of the E-Wallet system yet. That should be there soon.


Do I have to have an E-Wallet account for each TelexFREE account and or position that I have?

The E-Wallet link is now active again in our back office of TelexFREE. People are wondering if they have to set-up an E-Wallet account for every TelexFREE account that they have. And the answer is NO, you do not have to. You can still easily transfer funds between TelexFREE accounts that you own and have complete access to by logging into your back office and then by going to STATEMENT, then TRANSFER, and then simply transferring your funds into one main account. Then, set-up an E-Wallet account for that main account and make withdrawals from that main account out to your E-Wallet account on the iPayout platform.

I can not login to my TelexFREE account, why?

One problem many people make is thinking their user name has capital letters in it. Regardless of how you entered your user name when you set it up, use all lower case letters to login and see if that works. And usually it does!

I just made a withdrawal request, how long before it will show up in my E-Wallet account?

It has many determining factors. When you request a withdrawal from TelexFREE, your withdrawal request gets loaded into a computer file along with the thousands of other people who also made a request that day. After a week or 10 days or so, and whenever TelexFREE can satisfy these payments, it is then that you will receive your withdrawal when TelexFREE sends this “withdrawal file” to the E-Wallet company, iPayout, to load into your personal E-Wallet accounts. So, based on our recommendation and experience, it will probably take around 10 days to 2 weeks before you see it fully populate in your E-Wallet account. Our suggestion, consistently execute weekly withdrawals, so that you receive funds on a weekly basis. Also, know that TelexFREE has a long history of paying all of our withdrawal requests. Find great satisfaction in that, that there is a proven transactional history with TelexFREE and the Promoter field. Promoters are getting paid! Period. As we know more we will share it with you. We hope this helps you understand the magnitude of the business that you have access to…and your hands on!

*** UPDATE ON THE FLORIDA EVENT: The company was able to issue 500 more tickets for the International Event. If you don’t have your Event tickets, go to this site and you can register:

The Florida TelexFREE Event will be for Promoters only. There will NOT be a business opportunity meeting for Guests on Friday night. Instead, the entire weekend will be dedicated to training and education!

09October2013 Do NOT Panic! Can’t Log in? Getting Internal Server Error?

Corporate IT is working on ewallet integration and security.
It has come to my attention that some of you cannot log in.

Here is the solution

1. log in
2. get “Internal Error” (do not panic here)
3. Now after you get the error, put this in your browser

That works!
Be sure to follow all 3 steps above.

04October2013 More Updates and Tips for TelexFREE promoters/agents

Hello everyone:

Just a couple quick updates on some issues we are getting messages on.

SPONSORSHIP COMMISSIONS: Evidently there is a computer glitch that has popped up and the program is not calculating direct sponsorship payments. If you have recently sponsored someone and did not get your sponsorship bonus, the company is working on fixing this. It should show up soon.

WITHDRAWAL ISSUES: Several people have asked about when their withdrawals will show up in their ewallet account. We just do not know any specific time that they will get processed. The thing to know is this. These problems almost all stem from the computer system errors. It is nothing more than that. As they get the computer system updated a lot of these kinds of problems will fade away. Just know that all payments will be made. Steve will let us know if he wants us to send in our names to him. For now, we just have to wait for the payments to show up.

IT’S THE COMPUTER’S FAULT: Some of these glitches are being caused because the IT department has started to switch things over to the new platform – YEA! They said as they transfer the information over it takes over 4 days of constant computer time to transfer stuff over. That gives you an idea of the massive amount of information in the system. But the thing to remember is that the “database”, the actual data, is all there and secure. So even if the program that calculates commissions goofs up, the info is all there and it will get corrected.

The IT department has said that once they get the new system in place they will go back and check all the calculations and make sure things have been calculated correctly.

NEW FINANCIAL PRODUCT: The new product is almost ready to roll out. They are just waiting to make sure the program can handle the calculations of commissions on sales of the new program. But it will be here very soon.

WHERE’S MY EWALLET: For those of you that are still waiting on getting your ewallet account set up, the link for our ewallet should be in our back office at any time now. And if you request a withdrawal, the company has to set up an account for you. So that is one way to get your ewallet account set up.

MORE AND BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE: More people are being hired for customer service. We now have two numbers to call, one is toll free one is not. If you are calling from the U.S. you can use the toll free number, if you are calling from another country there is a new number to use.

the toll free number is 888-886-5486.
The new number is 704-245-6408

THE MESSAGE BUTTON: Also, remember that in your back office now there is a button that says “Message”. This is where the company posts important messages to us. There is also a message in there giving the company address and the new bank account information. Check this message link to see important updates from the company.

HOW DO I PAY AN INVOICE: The easiest and best ways to pay an invoice are;
1) Send a bank cashiers check to the company. Have the check made out for the exact amount of the invoice you are paying. And make sure the amount matches the invoice amount. Write the user name and the invoice number on the check. You can just write it on the check stub if you want, that works well. Then mail it or overnight it to the company. All the information with their address is in the message folder.
2) Bank wire. You can also wire funds to the company. Again, make sure the bank wire is for the exact amount of the invoice. Then, write your user name and the invoice number on the copy of the bank wire receipt that you get from the bank, scan in a copy of the bank wire receipt to your computer and save it as a pdf file. Send an email to the company at and attach a copy of the bank wire. The instructions are all in the message folder in your back office.
3) Make a deposit at any TD Bank branch in the U.S. If you live near a TD Bank branch, simply go in and make a deposit to the TelexFREE bank account. The bank info is all posted in your back office in the messages folder. Just remember to only make one or two deposits at a time. Don’t walk in and try to make 10 deposits all at once. You have to make a separate deposit for each invoice you are paying. Do not combine them. Then write your user name and the invoice number you are paying on the receipt and scan that into your computer and send it to the company at Just attach the copy of the receipt from the bank to your email.
4) And of course you can pay any invoice from your back office. Simply click on statement, pay bills and it will step you through the procedure.

AND FINALLY: Please just remember everyone, although TelexFREE has had a lot of hiccups, most caused because of the computer system issues, the company is working hard to address all of these issues. We have to exercise patience, and understand the company is making long term plans. We believe a lot of these problems will be corrected over the next few weeks as the new platform comes online.

Everyone remember, we all have to take responsibility for our own business. Help the people you sponsor. Make sure they get signed up correctly and teach them how to post their ads and manage their business. Be careful what you place on the internet. Do not make any income claims. And if you have any kind of income calculator posted on your web page or on you tube, it has to be removed immediately. We do not need to hype this opportunity. Let’s just present it for what it is.


03October2013 Important TelexFREE Corporate Update with Steve Labriola



Do not click any links in this email if you receive it. PLEASE!

Activate the new payment system Global eWallet.
TelexFREE <>

9:46 AM (13 hours ago)

Dear Promoter,

The TelexFREE chose Global Payroll Gateway (GPG) to provide payment processing system and create the overall compensation Telexfree.

Unfortunately the company did not support GPG all joined the Telexfree for this reason you will need to use the new system Global eWallet for making payments.

To avoid blocking of your account and ensure outstanding payments and future, you will need to enable this payment system.

To activate the system:
1 – Click the link to activate your system : ENABLE SYSTEM
2 – You can access the system by entering the site in your browser:
(We are scheduling a conference to clarify doubts and difficulties to the new payment system)



Alerta, Alerte, Alert in your TelexFREE Backoffice – 14September2013

Hello everyone:

I hope you are all having a great day. By now I am sure many of you have received your welcome email about the new eWallet system. I went through and started setting up mine and it was super easy. I love this new system. A little later today I will be sending out a more complete discussion of what Steve said on the update call yesterday.

I wanted to get this message out quick though. Please look in your back office under messages and see if you have received an ALERT message like on the attached file.

If you have, then you need to contact TelexFREE immediately. This means there is something they think is possibly wrong on your account. This happens a lot if you paid your invoice with someone else’s credit card perhaps, or something else does not jive in your personal data.

Send an email to the this email address

Include a copy of your ID document and explain that you received the alert message. It also asks that you include a copy of your credit card that you used to pay the invoice for this account. If you did pay your invoice with someone else’s credit card you can explain that also. You will need to contact them and get a copy of their credit card and include that with your reply. Explain the situation and ask what other information they require.

Also, for any of you that have sent me a question about your withdrawals not showing up in GPG, I will be sending that information to Steve. My understanding is that all of these will go onto the new Ewallet system. Give it a couple days and see if they show up once your account is all set up.

Thanks and Have a great day!


TelexFREE Update Call 13September2013 Audio recording re: Withdrawals and New ipayout Payroll System, etc

Hi Everyone:

I wanted to send a quick note out about the new e-wallet provider. Watch for an email from eWallet Support

This will be your welcome email with the information to set up your ewallet account. it is very easy to do. Please pay attention to each screen and follow the directions. Make sure your name is correct, make sure your address is correct, and make sure your name and address match your ID document.

You will be required to email them a copy of your ID before you are finished.

Take your time and look at each page and make sure everything is correct.

If you have more than one TelexFREE account, I recommend just setting up one ewallet account at this time. Since we can still transfer funds in our back office, just wait a few days and decide if you need more than one account at this time.

I’ll have more information on this soon.


TelexFREE Update Call Tomorrow about Withdrawals and GPG abysmal service, etc

(*)TelexFREE – Withdrawal Update – Corporate Call (*)
Hi Everyone;

Yes, we are all aware of the “financial traffic jam” re: withdrawals and GPG that TelexFREE is experiencing and causing ALL of us to endure the congested “bumper-to-bumper” wait…the long frustrating wait to get our funds transitioned from our TelexFREE accounts into our respective international bank accounts.

Just know this is not some symptom of a bigger problem. It is simply just a computer snafu on populating and making payments to all of the international bank accounts adhering to the strict federal domestic banking laws and being accommodating to the thousands of individual bank accounts worldwide. This is not an easy task, as you can imagine.

There is a “reliable solution” on the horizon! So get on this call, and get the “road map” to your back office money. So that you can finally get your fingertips on that cold-hard-cash you all worked so very hard for! We understand that, for many of you this call is at an odd hour…so…get up early or stay up late, whatever you do just stay up, as it is doubtful this call will be recorded! Whatever you need to do just “buckle-up” and get on this call!

With all young companies and also in our lives … stuff happens. So don’t fret! Don’t let the naysayers in the blogs and discussion forums get your panties all up in a bind. TelexFREE is going strong and with the new products and services on the horizon, and the addition of a 2nd legal team, we are getting stronger.

Please know, with confidence, that you will be receiving your withdrawal requests soon, regardless of the amount.

Your Chauffeur is Steve Labriola – International Marketing Director For TelexFREE
Call is at 5:00PM EST
Friday, September 13th – (It will be a LUCKY day for you)
CALL: 559-726-1300
PIN: 466319

And for the Internationals & Computer Users:
Registration URL:

Get this out to your Teams & Groups ASAP! And remind them all to get on the call early…as the “bus” is leaving at5:00PM sharp…and people will be jamming the lines!

Now, Go Build Your Empire, and we’ll see you at the Bus Stop at 5:00PM! Sharp!

TelexFREE Update 04September2013 – Corporate Update by Steve Labriola, International Marketing Director, USA

Here is a link to recording of today’s corporate update call with Steve Labriola. Following that is a recording of the business presentation by Randy Crosby.

Steve answered several questions:

As to the payment of withdrawals, the July 30 withdrawals should be finished and should be in our GPG accounts within a day or so. If you have not received yours by this Friday, then submit a ticket in your back office and send me an email with your user name and the date and amount of withdrawal and I will forward it to Steve.

The other withdrawals from Aug 6, Aug 13 and Aug 20 are all being processed still. It takes appx 2 weeks from the time of the withdrawal request for the funds to hit our GPG accounts right now. We just have to wait for them to finish those draw requests by end of week / early next week. Many folks are celebrating their payments. So a little more patience is in order .GPG will prove itself to be worthy of our temporary inconvenience in due time.

The new Financial Advantage Plan product/service will be on our websites any day now.

The new platform is expected to be in place by the end of the month. A number of new products will be added shortly after that.

Please listen to Steve’s call.

TelexFREE UPDATE 30August2013 – Corporate Call by Steve Labriola, International Marketing Director, USA


If you have not received payment from your TelexFREE account to your GPG account, it could because you still haven’t set up your GPG account. Please do so. But also remember this. 30July and 06August payments were the payments caught between the old system and the new system. 30July was really a painful task to sort out because TelexFREE had to manually figure out which of the payments were paid by Bank of America and which ones weren’t. Bank of America didn’t give them a sorted list. So they had to figure it out. So just remain patient. You will be paid.

The Last Name problematic issue when trying to register for GPG. Get your information to your upline so they can get the problem rectified manually by TelexFREE. They will do it but you need to contact your upline or your upline’s leader so we can get that up to Steve and Corporate.


Come on guys! Stop spending time trying to beat the system. Thieves are coming in with fraudulent credit cards and trying to find other ways of earning fast bonuses and commissions and then quickly with draw them. We want TelexFREE to be around for years to come. Be ethical and moral. I  know there are people who can’t help themselves. So with that said, rather than us getting paid every week or every 2 weeks, we will get paid ONCE A MONTH? Why? Because of the crooks. Now don’t get your panties all up in a bind. Look at as a BUSINESS. Put yourself in the shoes of the company. they are still battling enormous amount of fraud and people trying to steal. Before they pay us, they want to make sure that the commissions and bonuses are NOT based upon fraudulent activities or credit card fraud. I am happy for that change. right now, it will take about 2 weeks to get paid. But prepare for the once a month pay days. It protects you. It protects the company. And it shuts down the thieves and fraud.


There are groups getting greedy or disgruntled with their sponsor who are switching uplines especially at renewal.  You are PROHIBITED from doing so. And if you are found out, there will be serious penalties and possible termination.  You were sponsored by someone who respected who you are and introduced TelexFREE to you. Please respect them enough and stay in your organization. If they are not giving you the support you need, then just go up in the hierarchy and seek support from above. KEEP THE TEAMS IN TACT! Otherwise you will be responsible for painting a negative face on TelexFREE. Steve says: “We are absoluely against cross-recruiting. There will be penalties associatied with that”. He says TelexFREE is a global operation and we expect to be around a long time. Thus we need high ethical standards.We want to make sure everything is above board. We have a new 2nd legal team so just everything legal and above board. There will be a new corporate video coming soon for compliance.


TelexFREE has hired a 2nd law firm and a consulting company.  Steve and executive management will be locking down the 52 week renewal process. Currently it is this… 20% of all income. You will receive notification in your TelexFREE backoffice. You will have 90 days to make the renewal payment. So don’t sweat.  Now with that said, they are fighting a good fight to get that changed for us. Also there has been no good news and no bad news re: Brazil. I keep up with the news directly from the Brazilians I communicate with every day. They say Carlos Costas is fighting a good fight. He is not giving up. Meanwhile, let us do the right thing in North America and abroad. So stay tuned.

Financial Advantage Plan (FAP):

FAP is ready to go. Check this out. When you try to get a re-finance at Bank of America and you don’t qualify, Bank of America refers you to the same product that we have with FAP! They say use this service and in 3-6 months your credit will look better. So we are in good company. Being that all resources were thrown at the GPG urgent implementation, FAP was sitting on a shelf … temporarily. We still have work to do with GPG but FAP is not ready to launch soon. We expect sometime in September. That will be WONDERFUL! Imagine having such a product suite to sell in the USA! High consumable demand and wonderful commissions! This is exciting news!

 Here is a link to the call.

TelexFREE UPDATES 29August2013 – One of Faith Sloan’s upliners: Roy  Lentz

The upcoming November TelexFREE Event will now be in Orlando, rather than Las Vegas.  While Las Vegas had its advantages, it was determined that the largest concentration of TelexFREE Promoters are located in the Southeast of the United States.  Thus, geographically, it makes sense to host the event in Florida.  In addition, there was some hesitation from others to the proposed cost of hosting the event Las Vegas.  There will be a very in depth training on the new products, the new computer system and any other enhancements made between now and then.  As for the specifics of the Orlando Event, those will be made available to us all soon, so that we can make your appropriate travel and hotel arrangements.  And we look forward to seeing all of you in Orlando.
During this transition from withdrawals being executed from TelexFREE to now being managed by GPG, there are some noticeable delays and understandable frustrations.  As the TelexFREE Back Office pop-up says: “they are asking us to be patient.”  And we will do that – be patient, and ask you to do the same.  GPG is not a Support Center for TelexFREE administrative or back office matters.  They are burdened with aimless and unnecessary calls regarding such, and these calls and inquiries are delaying their focus of getting our payout accounts activated.  We remind you to not contact them about a TelexFREE matter, unless it is specific to your GPG account.  We are are confident that there will be improvements made in the short-term, and that people will see their accounts go live and become the functioning gateway for controlling and directing your financial balances.

The appeal to and confidence in TelexFREE is high.  Very high!  Thus there is continued interest in the purchase of additional contracts.  To eliminate fraud and protect you, the “white listing” concept has more positives than negatives. To support the demand of more contracts, to maintain compliance, and to ensure the long-term viability of TelexFREE the “white listing” is a needed process.  We ask that you complete the process properly and ensure that the data you are sending them is accurate.  There are far too many mistakes being made by Promoters, and this is delaying the fulfillment of credit cares being “white listed”.
We are told that TelexFREE is on solid legal ground.  As for matters in Brazil, we are being told that the legal matters there do not impact us here in the United States.  We encourage all of you to comply with TelexFREE’s interests.  Stay compliant in your description of the TelexFREE opportunity.  Do not use words like “investment” – “return” – “earnings” – “profit” and the like.  And for those of you who have multiple contracts you must purchase or sell monthly customer packages.  The most important ingredient to the long-term sustainability of TelexFREE is a sky-high Customer base.  Go get customers!  Go get them!
The VOIP communication product is now working well. We hear from people all over the world as to their continued use of the VOIP product. Although there are still issues at times the product is functioning well. Keep in mind this is a residential product and not a commercial one.  IT efforts continue to be made to enhance the reliability of the VOIP software.  Again, when the migration happens to the new servers, we should see more confidence in the functioning of the software product.  Continue to use the product and provide feedback through the Support Ticket System as to your experiences.  The more TelexFREE can hear of our experiences the more concentrated their global focus can be.
New features are being added to the back office.  Some we see, some we don’t see, and some we will be seeing in the future.  When you think back, for those of you who have had an AdCentral Contract for longer than a month, the reliability of the back office has improved greatly.  Daily ad verification is reliable.  The English translations continue to happen.  The speed of the back office navigation is great.  And the registration process continues to improve.  We have much to be grateful for and the IT Department continues to work diligently on even more back office features that will be pace-setting for the industry and will give us all more control of our businesses.
The TelexFREE Financial Product is something we are looking forward to.  We anticipate this feature to be made available to us all soon.  While the concentration of the product will be most beneficial for those in the United States, there will be segments of the product that will appeal to the global audience.  Look for this release sometime in September.  The server migration appears to be scheduled for some time in October, which will allow for more speed, more coverage, and a better experience for all of the existing Promoters and the Promoters who have yet to purchase their first contract.
The pace of growth for TelexFREE is rapid and electric.  And with this comes the demand for enhanced support models.  We have done all we can to be responsive to your needs and demands.  And as our own growth continues, we ask all of you who have been active Promoters for more than a month to become influential and take take charge of your own teams and groups.  ”Be the ideal Sponsor to your Team”.  ”Be the Sponsor that you would want to have yourself”.  In the future, issues of critical demand will get our highest priority.  If you have been a Promoter of TelexFREE for longer than a month, you should have a firm grasp by now, of how to manage your business.  In addition, the amount of support based content here on this site for TelexFREE is enormous.  You control and influence your results in this industry, and the sky is the limit.
Twice a week (Tues & Thurs at 1:00PM EST) we meet via WEBINAR to discuss new features in the back office, review popular business topics and questions, and explore effective marketing strategies. Come join us and learn how to effectively manage your back office and develop a thriving TelexFREE business.

Thursday, August 29th, 2013 
1:00PM (New York)
10:00AM (Los Angeles)
6:00PM (London)
7:00PM (Berlin)
12:00PM (Mexico City)
1:00AM (Malaysia)


Tell LJ and Roy, that Faith Sloan sent ya!

We will continue to set the standard for our own expectations.  We set goals and we meet them.  And we will match our work ethic to anybody else  Our goals may be different than yours, and we hope our baseline belief is in symmetry with you.  Our Focus: We tirelessly search for those who want something different in their lives.  Who want a change and who want that change to occur for others. We’re Professionals.  Insight – Hope – Luck – Patience – Trust – Diligence –  Loyalty – Persistence – And – Commitment have been our watchwords.  And we make decisions based on those outcomes.  We will continue to produce results for ourselves and the ones who matter most to us.  We have commitments, we have responsibilities. We don’t look back, we look forward.  We believe in TelexFREE’s future.  And we have seen lives change and personal confidence be restored because of what TelexFREE has provided all of you.  We’re thrilled for all of you who have experienced dramatic results in the last couple of weeks and months.  There are thousands more who have yet to even hear of TelexFREE…who need TelexFREE…who deserve TelexFREE.  Go find them, go help them, and go support them.  That’s what we do.  We appreciate all of you and we look forward to what’s ahead.
Faith Sloan
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voice: 1 800 670 3202

16August2013 TelexFREE Global Payroll Gateway GPG Payment System video Training


15August2013 GPG Payment System update

Here is a quick update from Steve Labriola. The GPG system should be activated today, 8-15. Once it is he will schedule a new webinar, today, to talk about it. Any withdrawls made on 7/30 or 8/6 are being returned to the back offices. Any withdrawals made yesterday will automatically go into the new GPG system and will be available as soon as you get your account set up. Once the GPG is set up then we we will be able to schedule withdrawals whenever funds are available.

Aqui está uma rápida atualização de Steve Labriola. O sistema de GPG deve ser ativado hoje, 8-15. Uma vez que é ele irá agendar um novo webinar, hoje, para falar sobre isso. Qualquer withdrawls feitas em 30/7 ou 8/6 estão sendo devolvidos aos back offices. Todos os levantamentos feitos ontem vai automaticamente para o novo sistema GPG e estará disponível assim que você começa a sua conta configurada. Uma vez que o GPG é configurado então nós poderemos agendar retiradas sempre que os fundos estão disponíveis.

He aquí una rápida actualización de Steve Labriola. El sistema de GPG debe ser activado hoy, 8-15. Una vez que se va a programar un nuevo seminario, hoy en día, hablar de ello. Los retiros hechos en 7/30 o 8/6 están siendo devueltos a las oficinas de la espalda. Cualquier retiro de ayer pasará automáticamente al nuevo sistema GPG y estará disponible tan pronto como reciba su cuenta configurada. Una vez que la GPG se configura entonces seremos capaces de programar retiros cada vez que los fondos estén disponibles.

EXCITING NEWS! 13August2013 NEW GPG (Global Payroll Gateway) Payment System for TelexFREE!

p.s. the IT guy is Jay … not Jim. Sorry Jay! I was excited. LOL!

TelexPRO State of the Art Sales Funnel and Marketing System Enter as your email referral when signing up for the Sales Funnel!
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09August2013 TelexFREE Corporate Update Call by Steve Labriola and Toll FREE Customer Support Number


TelexFREE Carlos Costa Update – Why TelexFREE is NOT an Illegal Pyramid


TelexFREE Carlos Costa Update on the Legal Situation in Brazil July 2013

Faith Sloan
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TelexFREE Update with Steve Labriola

*) There was an increase in number of cashouts last Tuesday which caused the women in the office to get a huge increase in their workload. They will continue pushing out money to our bank accounts Today and Tomorrow. So be patient. He emphasized that this has absolutely nothing to do with Brazil


(*) New platform will allow us to buy products/services from our backoffice using our credit card or balance immediately.

(*) You can view your downline and find where your commissions came from and where your binary bonuses come from. We are building for the future. We are not spending all of this time, effort and money to see all of this go away. Steve says they are really serious about this. The increase in folks coming into TelexFREE internationally is record breaking
(*) He says the key is for you all to not quit. What they write online shouldn’t be what you to use to gauge whether you go forward or not. Whatever decision you make, let it be your decision

(*) All withdrawals coming to you are coming to you

(*) It is important for each of you who are interested in their future to be at the convention in Southern California. There are so much and talk and concern about where we are, what is happening in Brazil and what is happening with the new IT system. All of that will be revealed in Southern California. Secure your comfort in the company going forward by asking questions as you hear the breaking news and future of TelexFREE

(*) Faith asked the question about the phone number sticking in the backoffice for the VOIP product. Steve says exactly what I thought. The number goes towards provisioning but right now, they don’t automatically hook the number into the TelexFREE database. So they are creating a middle piece to make sure that is done automatically. The new system won’t have this issue

(*) Roy asked a question about use of VOIP product. Steve mentioned something about the termination issues at the country level. He says at the conference, the IT guys will be able to explain this issue for us and what they are doing about it.

(*) Randy inquired about cvv code issue: GPG is well aware of the 3-dgit CVV code issue for credit cards with a zero as the first number. They are working on it.

Audio at

Faith Sloan
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TelexFREE Corporate Update call with Steve Labriola, International Marketing Manager! – 05July2013

What A Great TelexFREE Call Earlier Today! Below is the link to the recording of his corporate conference call. Steve gives us updates on:

- – Current International News

- – New Back Office Changes And Feature

- Reasons For Website Challenges

- – Product & Services Being Developed And Introduced

- – Upcoming National Events

2013-07-05 10.02 Steve Labriola – TelexFREE corporate update call.wmv

(Please click on the link, download the file and listen to the call. Lots of great stuff tucked in there! Everyone, there is so much to look forward to! You are definitely in the right place at the right time! Now go share what you have! 100% TelexFREE!)

TelexFREE Brazilian Journalist in Atlanta Defends TelexFREE

Public Officials in Brazil says “Let The People Make Money!”

Even though one of the officials mentioned ‘risky investment’, TelexFREE is NOT and have NEVER been an investment!


Deputies deputies 2706Os Astério Moreira (PEN), Pippa Souza (PSDC), José Luís Tchê (PDT) and Manoel Moraes (PSB) is expressed in relation to Telexfree had, through an injunction issued by Judge Thais Queiroz Borges Abou Khalil, the blocked accounts in every country. Lawmakers said they have not received any complaint by usua-rivers that have been harmed by the company.

“I know dozens of people who are in Telexfree not believe that this is a business illegal. I’m not convinced that this is an illegal activity. So far no one has confirmed that this is a pyramid, “said Moreira Astério.

Astério Moreira made it clear that is not part of the company’s promoters. He even cited the number of your SSN in the gallery of the House for any doubt that may exist on the participation of the parliament.

The speech had a Astério apart from Mr Pippa Souza (PSDC), which confirmed the words of his colleague, who is also a journalist, saying he never received in their program, Gazeta Alert, people denouncing any irregularity Telexfree or even saying that they had been injured.

“In my humble opinion: Let people earn their buck. The people do not want to depend only on Bolsa Família. I never received a complaint that solids have harmed. Here we have to maintain consistency. Are 70,000 Acre. Let the people make money, “punctuated the parliament.

Continuing his speech, Astério Moreira said he was con-cupado with the situation and proposed that the court commits the company to return to their investment advisers. He stressed the legality of the deal because the IRS has removed part of what is intended to Income Tax.

“I’m not an economist, I could be 100% wrong, but I’m talking about an empirical question, namely practice,” said Moreira Astério.

Louis Tchê (PDT) expressed concern with investors and stressed that lacked a preventive action to prevent the problem came to that. “What appears is that it lacked a preventive action. Imagine the desperation of these people? “He concludes.

Another who also expressed their position was Deputy Manoel Moraes (PSB). He reiterated that those who joined Telexfree already knew it was a risky business. He cited the example of stock exchange and said not to understand the action of the prosecutor. “I do not understand why the prosecutor entered into a matter that is private. This is a risky investment. ”

Faith Sloan
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TelexFREE Global Power Team Leader Faith Sloan Report: Updates from Santiago De La Rosa, Julio Silva from Brazil, and Randy Crosby

TelexFREE Breaking News

24June2013 – Listen to the following Audio – Skype: faithsloan phone: 1 800 670 3202

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The legal battle played by government Tiao Viana (PT), through its coordination of Procon-AC, which resulted in the issuance of an injunction by Justice Acre directly reaching more than 70,000 Acre (read) finally came to an end, bringing tranquility to Acre of thousands and hundreds of thousands of Brazilians.

The firm’s attorneys Ympactus Comercial Ltda. (Telexfree), Horst Vilmar Fouchse and Alexandro Teixeira Rodrigues, managed to overturn the injunction of Judge of the 2nd Civil Court of Rio Branco, Thais Queiroz Borges de Oliveira Abou Khallil, which prohibited the holding of new registrations, financial transactions, locking goods of Directors of the company and several other embargoes, creating chaos among thousands of advisers.

The interlocutory appeal was filed late afternoon yesterday (20) by the company’s lawyers, who had as rapporteur of the case the President of the 2nd Civil Chamber, Judge Samoel Evangelista.

According to the judge’s decision, new records and financial transactions by the company in any country were strictly forbidden. The company came to crash the system, preventing promoters could perform operations prevented justice.

Today (21), the injunction was granted, but do not know the reason yet had no advertising.

What matters now is to reassure thousands of publishers across the country, especially in Acre. The decision was favorable to the company and promoters can return to normal activities.

Despite the decision, promoters promise to join tomorrow, Saturday (22), the Movement Day Just to protest the government’s action of Acre who took the sleep of thousands of Acre and Brazilians.

Again the company shows its commitment to its thousands of advisers and proves their commitment to full compliance with Brazilian legislation.

translated using Google Translate
Actual article at:



On Today’s TelexFREE Call With Steve Labriola, he provided these EXCITING UPDATES:
1) The new global payment processor was uploaded and integrated into the back office later yesterday. So, start LOVING it! No more documents to upload – YEA!! Other features will be added in the weeks ahead to continue to make payin-and-payout processes more efficient for all Promoters worldwide. Which will be hosted on an SSL secured server. The new cloud based server system is nearly complete. We no longer have the restriction of the enrollee’s name auto-populating on the payment screen (which historically, prohibited someone being able to pay for another person). Billing info can now be entered INDEPENDENTLY of signup’s name. Also, we are currently experimenting with getting MULTIPLE transactions through on 1 card. (YES!)

2) Once the migration is made to the cloud server, the addition of all of the COMMERCE, HEALTH, AND FINANCIAL ARENAS will be introduced. These features continue to be in development and will release as scheduled and discussed.

3) Other comments Steve made: The VOIP software has some hiccups that are being worked on. If you are not able to get your phone number loaded, send an email to your upline so they can get it to the company. Also, when you ask for secondary passwords – please make sure you check your spam folder. And if you are still uploading documents – make sure your address on the credit card authorization matches the address on the government issued ID. And lastly, if you are making bank deposits, make sure you get the deposit slip forwarded to your upline to help and make sure they’re aware of the transaction.

06June2013 Carlos Costa talks about the purchase of VOXBras, an Internet, Cable, and Landline company and its phenomenal rise in Alexa ranking. Then he surprised us by showing us the POWER of the Binary when contracts start to RENEW!
Amazing Compensation Plan. We are looking forward to the end of our 52 weeks. The Money is on the Table Folks.

Faith Sloan
TelexFREE Global Power Team Leader
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skype: faithsloan

Watch this video to understand the power of contract renewal in the BINARY! AWESOME! So when my contract is up for renewal, I will use it as a selling point to get LOADS of people into my team. I will be sittinnng there lonely for a day waiting for your contracts to renew. Meanwhile, I will bring in other people to fall underneath me and when your contracts renew, you will go underneath my new people, giving them an ALREADY-MADE POWERLEG! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! KACHING!

And when you duplicate what I just said, the team will EXPLODE! And your 2014 income will far surpass your 2013 TelexFREE income by FAR!

In Brazil, contract renewal cost = 20% of total AFTER-tax TelexFREE earnings. In the USA and other countries, contract renewal cost = $50 renewal fee + 289 = $339 for an ADCentral and $50 renewal fee + 1375 = $1425 for an ADCentral Family.
Don’t be penny smart and pound foolish and let your renewal expire. That would be a BAD Business Decision you will kick yourself for the rest of your life for making!

05June2013 Steve Labriola, International Marketing Manager, Randy Crosby UPDATES and Opportunity Presentation

This is a special Webinar with Steve Labriola giving us some ideas as to what will be forthcoming with the TelexFree Business and how it will impact thousands of lives worldwide.

31May2013 Updates and Future of TelexFREE by International Marketing Manager, Steve Labriola!



29May2013 BREAKING NEWS!! TelexFREE just bought a company in Brazil, Voxbras, which provides Landline, Internet and Cable TV Services.
What are you waiting for? Come and join us in this fantastic company. Skype: faithsloan phone: 1 800 670 3202

22May2013 Updates and Future of TelexFREE by International Marketing Manager, Steve Labriola! Over 300 people on the call. Exciting times ahead. The above transcript is paraphrased from my notes. Audio follows the text.

He has known jim and carlos for 20 years.
He came on board in february to help blow up the  North Am market and the international market
new products on the verge of launching. a new platform of operations in place. IT team increased
3-fold. They are fully English speaking to facilitate communications.
uploading docs, signing up new agents issues … any day now the new merchant services will launch
and no need to upload docs. The amount of money and time being put into the IT company is incredible.
An extraordinary amount of effort andmoney is being spent trying to launch the new operations
60 days away to being 100%
TelexCommerce temporarily launched in Brazil and will be launched globally internationally
Being able to buy and sell products from oour back office. All new products and services will be
entered into our existing network.
What do you think about a product that will help people improve their credit score?
We can sell products and services to people who are not in TelexFREE.
Some of the problems we see out in the field should be sent upline leaders ONLY. Then we will
get the issues to Steve.  He says the owners of the company knows the vision and where we are
going. Bring up the problems and they will be taken care of.
The binary issues should be behinnd us by now.
All problems will be resolved and expedited immediately
These people who are in this company, managemennt, owners and leaders … we are around for a long
time and are not going any where. This is not a part-time or temporary job for me. I am here to help grow
the company. My job is to bring issues to the company and get them resolved. Goal is to expand
the agents base. Working with officials in Canada to expand their Canadian connections for agents.
Other countries as well.
If you have a country you want them to expand to, send upline to leaders in the organization. Get
that name to Steve and he will send it to Executive Management.
As to signing up new agents, we are all working tireless hours bringing agents in, I see you working
hard. Make sure you ensure everythinng on that application is accurate and complete. Go back
and verify it BEFORE submitting the application because it is much more difficult to go back later
and fix the problems. So get it correct..
Also, this will be on the site real soon, the legal issues about the things going on around in Brazil.
We hve been cleared of everything from the highest judicial courts in Brazil so give your self a big hand. Official documents coming soon.
Next super saturday is in southern california. Plug into these meetings. Plug into trainings.
You will see loads of Telexfree traininng videos from leaders in Google.
If you have any other issues that you seen prevailing, make sure to get that upline right away.
We have most of them already fixed and the remaining will be fixed any day
The IT team has been able to fix and repair these problems while we are moving quickly
Jay is the USA IT lead.
As you bring in leaders from other countries, make sure to help them through the language barrier.
If you have a team growing in China, for instance, just put together a leader that is  communicating with them
so when thhey have issues, they have a person to go to if they don’t speak English.

Our phone sservice isn’t perfect, but i don’t kknow how many of you have phone service from other companies,
but I have problems with dropped calls with Verizon. Even big corporations have problems. Those type of
problems will always be there. They are just hiccups.

i promise you that any prevailing issues doesn’t mean I am ignoring them. The problems are in someone’s hand.
If you haven’t heard back from me it is because we haven’t found a solution yet. Be patient

Looking down the wire, i can’t talk enough about credit management opportunities and products. That is
a product i get very excited about.  These are the types of products that will be coming in the next 2 months.
Think about something yu can be qualified  with for $49.90 a month and you can introduce it to agents or customers yur neighbor, your friend.
They can in turn introduce it to other people. You get downline commissions on this.

there is a cruise coming down the line sometime next year. they are doing a national convention for next year on a cruise ship.
We will have the whole cruise ship for everybody in telexfree having a great time, getting traininnng, getting plugged into the business.

We have met some of the greatest peope in the busiess. And i plann on building more friendships with peope as we come together.
We have only seen the beginninnng of where this company is going
We have only just begun expanding into other countries.
We have only just begun expanding into America.
We are building for the future for all of you to hang your hats on. Because that is what we believe we have here. One of the greatest
products I have ever seen.

Make sure that anybody that may see anything out there (binary or stock concerns), make sure to get those to your upline so we can
get it to the IT team. The company will alwas stand behind getting this resolved.

I want to make sure that yoou all  know again, next week, I am going to do this again and have Jay on the call to explain the software
updates and other IT advances.

I was gonna open this call up for questions but there are 300 people on the call. it will be very chhallenging to do so. So what i’d like
to do is to take a chance to see if we can take a question or two. He unmuted call. Bare with me and bare with the noise.

Sorry about that. Send al your questions upline to your leaders. We wil do this again next week. And Jay will be on the call
next week

Thank you all for all that you do. Thank yu all for plugging into the system.

This is a replay of the corporate call with Steve Labriola on Wednesday, 5-22-13. Important and exciting things are going to continue with Telexfree. You are in the right place and the right time. Keep sharing this wonderful opportunity.

CLICK HERE for Steve Labriola call

(This call was recorded using the Telexfree Software using the record option.)


22April2013 News from Brazil. The TelexFREE USA IT team flew out to work hand in hand with the TelexFREE Brazil IT team to prepare for massive growth and to fix some of the glitches. We are excited that they are listening to the field, addressing the issues, and being serious about the longevity and sustainability of TelexFree.

05April2013 Webinar
2pm – 2:20pm EST
Hosted by Kelly Tolar
Darcy Updates
New customer service staff in Boston office

Drastic improvement in customer service
But in time it will improve even more

Starting to get positive feedback from the field

This weeks commission appears to be on time for the most part

Different banks process deposits differently so you may get it Wed or Thurs or Friday or even Saturday. Normally you get the email and the next day the money shows up in your account. Depends upon the bank.

Make sure your name is the same name on the bank account in your bank info

Steve Labriola wants to know if tickets are not being answered in 48 hours. Go back and screenshot the old ticket. Then if you can close it, resubmit a new ticket. Then if no answer in 48 hours, then contact us know so we can get it expedited for you. Now tickets are coming to Boston and not Brazil.

Contact your leader who can get your problem sent directly to
Darcy Allen – Be very brief. SUBJECT: self-explanatory. (MISSING STOCK, MISSING COMMISSION, SECONDARY PASSWORD) Don’t tell a whole story in the email. BE BRIEF! FACTS ONLY.

Randy Crosby
We are breaking records now that the Brazil investigation is all over and done

Different meetings going on throughout the country now
Creole meetings, French meetings. Absolutely Phenomenal!
Atlanta: details forthcoming in a beautiful meeting facility. Karla and Carlos Wiley are in charge of this.

Darcy Allen
Training calls by various leaders immediately following the 2pm EST webinar. Register for the webinars at

Doesn’t matter which team you are on or where you are geographically located. Come one … Come all…

Mr. Steve Labriola lost his father last Friday.
Service tomorrow 11am
Contact Darcy for more information
Keep his family in your prayers this weekend

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When you look at the massive growth with this company there comes challenges you have to overcome. Be patient. Telex is aware of most of the challenges we face. They know the software system has glitches. They know the server migration afftected the binary pay time. They know we are delayed in payments. They know bank deposits are not being populated quickly enough. Be patient. Let the grass grow, before we play football! There are 3 IT departments working on fixing the issues that come up. There were many issues with the binary payments the past week. They had all 3 IT companies working on this. They had to go in and go line by line code by code to find the problem. Some contracts were working on and some contracts were not. So they had to figure out why. The database was correct but the program was not working correctly. So this affected the commission payments being made this week. So the commissions have been delayed this week, but it is fixed now so you should get the funds on Saturday and next Monday.

Right now the company is getting ready to purchase a 4 or 5 million dollar building in the US to staff for customer service. Thank Goodness!

There was a Special Guest on the Call:
Originally from Brazil. Now lives in US. Went to Brazil for the latest event. There were only 400 tickets sold for the event. They were sold out in 20 minutes. He visited the office in Brazil. Was very pleased to see the operation there. Thought they were very professional. Met some of the corporate team. Thought they were all very friendly and nice people. The event was great. Showed the video from Celso Freitas. Learned a lot about TelexCOMMERCE.

There are around 700,000 Promoters now in Brazil. Company website is now around 44 or 46th on Alexa in all of Brazil. TelexCOMMERCE will focus on local market in Brazil. Will make TelexFREE an even larger company. Will have companies advertise on the TelexFREE site. You can talk to a restaurant who wants to advertise on TelexCOMMERCE. If they sign contract with TelexFREE, you will get a commission of 30% based on the advertising contract and 10% on an ongoing monthly basis.

Will let business advertise for relatively cheap to over 700,000 people in Brazil. Team Builder bonuses could be going up and up. We will be able to make purchases from our back office. If you want to go to a restaurant, you can pay for experience from your back office and get a voucher and use it to pay at the restaurant. So you will be able to go to TelexCOMMERCE, search by city or by item, find something you want to buy and buy it from your back office account. So it will be like a Shopping Club, but better. It is a viable business model where other international companies are attempting to launch, but are failing. We have a system that will influence all of South America and into North America and Europe. You will be able to get a TelexFREE discount on items you want to purchase!

So everyone will be telling people, go to TelexCOMMERCE and buy this or buy that. Will let all of us propel our business even more. Will infuse even more money into TelexFREE. Even now, if you know a company in the US that wants to advertise in Brazil you could sign them up. The contracts are available and ready for all. If someone is not a Promoter for TelexFREE they can still go to your website and make purchases and you will get commissions. And maybe they tell someone else you will get commissions from them also. Will be on a 5 level unilevel plan. Enhancing the compensation plan for those that get engaged now.

If you click on the Brazilian flag at the Main Website there will be an area for you to sign up like an agent for TelexCOMMERCE and you can go to businesses and have them sign up to advertise. They will be able to post pictures, maps, information etc. TelexFREE will become huge advertising / purchasing site in Brazil. Everyone in Brazil knows about TelexFREE and soon the world.


Randy, wants everyone to understand the Vision, the Opportunity and Timing is huge here with TelexFree. We can’t have perfection…but we can have a company that pays us weekly.

Company started off in January 2012 with 0 promoters…and as of now there are 1 MILLION promoters in TelexFree.

That is phenomenal!!!

This is not a money game or an investment.

We have the ability to earn not just weekly but daily.

2 days ago A brand new service was launched…Telexcommerce…there will be a special call with people from Corporate to talk about the service..sometime next week. Still waiting on the details for that call. …

We are part of an opportunity that does not depend on someone saying Yes or No!! How powerful is that?!! Company has spread over 63 different countries … and we are the fastest growing company out there.

Randy had the opportunity today to speak with the Realtor here in the U.S because the company is getting ready to purchase a building to handle the massive growth the company is seeing. TelexFree went from 0 promoters to 400,00 by December 2012 900,000 promoters ..just in Brazil..and less than 5,000 in the U.S….all in a 15 months span!! amazing!

People’s lives are changing in Brazil..people are buying their dream cars and homes..See … in Brazil, people have to wait four days before they get put in the system..but they are patient because they see the vision and they understand the opportunity they have. Here in the U.S we are at the beginning stages still. Company is building a system that will calculate everything accurately and still upgrading servers and additional systems to track massive growth. …. Overall the message on the call is for everyone to be PATIENT!! It’s not going to be perfect. There will be hiccups here and there. Your upline is not the company. They are here to assist you as best as they can. The company knows what they are going to be doing and what they will be adding to benefit all of us.

They have a vision and there are things that will come to pass.. TelexFree is building over the world. Patience is the key!! ..Darcy came on the call:: I am a firm believer in helping others and leading by example. You put in the hours now in the beginning and it will pay off in the long run. Lot’s of families lives are changing..Thank you to all the leaders behind the scenes who are not on the calls or can’t always make it on the calls…But they are working their business and helping their team which helps me out as well. So big thanks to ALL LEADERS out there. ….Not everything is perfect, but we are in the right company to be in!!!

Playback number:
712 432 1085 pin 376560#

Faith Sloan
+1 800 670 3202
skype: faithsloan

See Team SignUp Rotator


Santiago is in Brazil and is hopefully going to be on the call this evening. He attended the TelexFREE Extravaganza in Brazil and will give us updates! There are so many people making great income because they have more contracts in the company. The more contracts you purchase the more income you can make and control your financial road map. The power is in your hands. The Company has proven for over a year if you advertise we will continue to pay you! Randy cut the call short but acknowledged the leaders by name from all over the world who were online using the meeting site. Stay tuned tonight for further updates!!!

In addition: It’s an Impressive and phenomenal time to be a part of TelexFREE with the recent addition and release of TelexCOMMERCE last night in Brazil. Growth in the company continues to break records. News from Brazil Event will be available on the 8:00PM EST call tonight. YOU WANT TO BE ON THIS CALL.
A vote was cast on the call: May 4th or May 11th are the scheduled dates as a “Super Saturday” in Orlando, Florida. May 11th was the winner with 70% of the vote.

We now have several services which we can market to the world.
Shop at your favorite stores in Brazil. And you can earn income from that. As TelexFREE was launched in Brazil and reached it’s way to 63 countries. The same will happen with TelexCOMMERCE.
The service and software is not perfect. But there is constant improvement and there is infrastructure in place to anticipate the larger worldwide growth. ID numbers for invoices are sequential which can be a determinant of activity and volume. Look at yours and see what sort of growth has happened since you enrolled.

Weekly meetings are beginning in Atlanta, Georgia and you should consider doing the same in your town or city.
This is a situation where everyone wins. Period. The only thing that separates you from someone else in TelexFREE is your application of time and effort. Plant your seeds and get going!


Randy Crosby: Hosting. International growth continues to surge. In January of 2013, nobody knew about TelexFREE , now look where we’re at! The groundwork for anticipated multi-year growth continues. Tomorrow’s launch for TelexCOMMERECE is on pace. What is most exciting about TelexCOMMERCE, is that you as a Promoter, you will be able to capture commissions/income from purchases made in these retail outlets. Enrollment continue to break industry records. The Alexa ranking for TelexFREE is very high. Because of the growth, the server capacity is at a maximum. The system is not able to handle all of the intricate populations of each Promoter’s commissions. If you don’t see daily commissions populating, you will see it populate in a “batch” manner, like once a week. The point is, be patient everyone. The new server upgrades need some adjustments and some programming adaptations. They are working very hard to complete all of this. Growth is happening with TelexFREE because everyone is paid on a weekly basis.

Focus on Customer acquisition. You can be your own Customer if you need to be. We are Customer focused business. Here, with the TelexFREE , for the first time, you don’t have to be worried about hearing the word “No”. Whether someone says “Yes” or “No” you still make weekly money. We are breaking ground. This is brand new in the United States. This isn’t a “if it will work” “it is working”. The growth is anticipated to be so large, they had to contract with a whole new server system!

More exciting updates are coming from Corporate. People are using and wearing the TelexFREE t-shirts, yard signs, and calling cards with great success! Get your t-shirt at:

Steve & Santiago indicate that each server is handling different groups of Promoters. We could all be in different servers, even though we are in the same group. That is why there are delays of commission population in our back office. They’re aware of the concerns we have. The will likely put a note on the website, and they will make sure that accounts get caught up and that people will get paid. If you think you’re happy now, wait until tomorrow when the surge of customer purchases begin with TelexCOMMERCE. They’ll be opening and owning their own offices in Brazil and Boston, instead of leasing space, because of the growth and the capitalization of the company.


Tickets for the TelexCOMMERCE Event unveiling in Brazil next week with President of Google, Brazil sold-out in minutes.

Lots of buzz in the Brazilian news about TelexFREE. Remember: this is not an Investment.

Cloud server upgrade is happening. Most accounts should be back to “normal” by Monday. If yours isn’t don’t panic, let us know, and we’ll get it looked at again.

This is an opportunity where people make money whether you sell the service to the public, invite someone to the business, or not. You place your daily ad, you will get paid!

The TelexCOMMERCE site launches on Tuesday, March 26th.

The 99TelexFREE service allows us to communicate cellphone to cellphone to over 40 countries. Using the software and the VOIP technology on your computer allows you to communicate with people all over the world.

TelexFREE is a Media Company that pays you to advertise.

TelexFREE now has promoters in 63 countries!

TelexFREE is breaking records with customer sign-ups!

Get started for $50 to be placed in the binary. Timing is crucial. $50 is non-earning position. No monthly fees.

But Once you upgrade in TelexFREE for $289 or $1375 you now have access to the commission structure and make a whole lot of money!

99% of people joining TelexFREE – upgrade. Upgrade for $289 dollars.

98% of yearly contracts are being renewed in Brazil.

29March2013: The Brazil Judicial Court DEMANDED that the Ministry of Finance STOP All Negative Publications about TelexFREE! VICTORY!

Telexfree Brazil legal

The TELEXFREE in suit for damages against the Ministry of Finance, which is obtained favorable decision, determining that this Ministry immediately remove from your website the note on the activities of TELEXFREE. This success is worth sharing with everyone.

IMPORTANT: We have been authorized by our law to disclose the decision.

“Ilmo. Mr. Carlos Costa,
Follow annexed duty judicial decision rendered in federal court in the District.
You may disclose the decision, since as his lawyers were already enjoined the same. ”

Advisers, it is also important to mention that other measures are being adopted to prove definitely the legality of our activities in Brazil.

Sincerely, TelexFREE.



TelexFREE/YMPACTUS COMERCIAL LTDA, renders this NOTE OF CLARIFICATION on the activities of the Secretary of Economic Monitoring of the Ministry of Finance (SEAE/MF) on TelexFREE regarding the following points:

1. It was confirmed that the TelexFREE does not advance and capture, by such reason is not obligated to obtain the authorization of the Secretary;

2. TelexFREE does not practice the sale of goods or services, due to this typical local trade activities are not required; the delivery of VoIP service and management of accounts is performed directly by TelexFREE in the United States to consumers anywhere they are over the Internet; in other words, jurisdiction falls in the country where the VoIP services are provisioned;

3. As the realization of services is carried out in the United States via internet access, users/individuals who purchase accounts also require their own ISP (Internet Service Provider); In addition, these Carrier connections, are those of the ISP who provides the service, to connect to the TelexFREE VoIP platform in the United States;

4. There is no encouragement of informal economy, since the income that a promoter gets is reported directly to the Internal Revenue Service as individual income, and so is taxed, with withholding tax and due payment, according to the Ministry of Finance’s own table; the activities that the Promoter carries out turn only for packages that are purchased for resell, in this way, to accept the general terms of the contract, the Promoter is fully aware of performance and how much they will receive;

5. The values of the price increases are in the exact proportion of the services that the promoter carries out, cannot be configured as excessive since the General Regulation lays down the percentages whose value is already built into the total cost of VoIP accounts offered.

Best Regards,


Faith Sloan
+1 800 670 3202
skype: faithsloan

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